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 CSI Coachella 

Here is a great opportunity to break in through the back-door of an exciting new career as a private spy for hire.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to be a undercover gay sex trafficking investigator?  Good, let’s get right to it.  The best way to work CSI is to just go out and make the scene.  Take notes and report back here.  Go to gay nude pool parties where pedophiles and human traffickers are socializing and take down names and numbers.  The desert is wide open territory for outlaws and investigators are needed. 

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The last nude gay pool party I ever attended was at Paul Schneiderman’s CMEN New Year’s Eve 2015 and it felt like I was on CSI Cathedral City.  CMEN parties are target rich opportunities for busting child sex traffickers.  At Schnienderman’s CMEN party an an extremely athletic and attractive seventy year-old I met said he wanted to come over to my place.  His eagerness struck me intuitively as an undercover investigator’s eagerness.  My intuition didn’t kick in until I was at home cleaning up my villa because I thought that he was going to come over for sex.  He never came over.  It was then that I realized that he was not what he appeared to be.  He was a cop who figured out that I wasn’t a human trafficker.  You can have the same experience.  I need you to go to the party at Jeff Cowan’s and find out who John Herriot socializes with.  

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 Volunteer CSI 

Here is your rear entry-level opportunity to a great career in law enforcement.  Go to this gay nude pool party at Jeff Cowan’s residence located at 69613 Calle Tampico and mingle with the boys.  Learn how to spot pedophiles by spotting who is not sexually active.  Authentic homosexuals will be having adult sex in the play room and the arrested development crowd will be off in a corner by themselves discussing business.  Go to this party and take notes.  Find out where John Herriot lives in Colorado.  Find out what John Herriot did with all the money he inherited from his parents.  Contact this website with your work product. 

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Do you think it would be possible to fund a child trafficking investigation website with crowdfunding? How many degrees from John Herriot are Stephen B. Delacruz and Jack Tea?  Apparently Stephen Delacruz is connected to Garden Grove in Orange County where Jeff Calvert and Rich Bohele are suspected to also be temporarily residing.     

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 Psych Meds 

Have you ever received an anonymous phone call or text message?  Has anyone ever called the police on you for no good reason?  Is anyone telling your neighbors lies about you?  It was probably Jeffrey Cowan.  Mr. Cowan is an extremely underhanded individual.  You can tell from a mile away that Cowan is an extremely broken and disturbed individual.  Ask him what psychiatric medications he has currently been prescribed.  Also ask him if he has been regularly taking the correct dosage prescribed.  Oftentimes Mr. Cowan will run around town without taking his psych meds.  It is believed that Mr. Cowan is associating with Steve Delacruz of Gardena, California.