Am I a part of the cure, or am I a part of the disease?

The Benign Cult of Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous

The harmless quasi-Cult of Primetime AA can be a valuable resource for those who are new to the spiritual treatment method of recovery from alcoholism. By dropping a few dollars into the meeting collection basket of a Primetime AA meeting you can often hear some of the best AA talk therapy in town. You get what you give, and so if you are generous in service and support of any AA meeting you may be blessed with the miracle of recovery. In these specialized meetings the practice of the spiritual principles contained in Steps One, Two, and Three of the Twelve Steps is emphasized. Back in the day I was fortunate enough to attend Primetime meetings with K.C. Pierson in which the 12 Steps were parsed like the Holy Bible. Unfortunately those meetings no longer exist.

Primetime Emphasizes God Consciousness For Broken People

The Christ manifested as the Jesus person to teach correct thinking to incorrectly thinking people. Jesus was about healing the broken alcoholics and mental illness sufferers of his day. It is imperative for the recovering alcoholic to have the prerequisite connection to God before attempting to go past Step 3. Primetime focuses on God and that is why Primetime is so different from other AA meetings. The reason that I as an alcoholic need God in my life is so that when I finally let God show me what I am really like, I will be able to work with the bittersweet truth.

After two decades of relapsing in neighborhood AA I was finally able to find a way to spiritually treat my problems by devoting two and a half years of my life to the Cult of Primetime AA.

Why is Primetime Cultish?

The dialogue and definitions of words are tightly controlled in Primetime and definitions often have shifting, fuzzy meanings when used by the blue collar gurus of Primetime. In the folklore written by Primetime founder Bob Anderson words like alcoholism, ego and self, sometimes have different meanings at different times when used by the same speaker. Primetime is a guru based version of AA where leaders like Astrid H and K.C. Pierson vie for power. For this reason there is not the normal unity or cross-platform forum such as you find in regular AA. The Primetimeisnow website only lists the meetings that are approved by Astrid H. For example, K.C.P’s meeting in the San Fernando Valley is not on the Primetimeisnow website. Astrid H and K.C. Pierson currently represent the two main warring sub-cults within the Mother Cult of Primetime AA.

kc pierson top leader cult of primetime aa
K.C. was great when he did pure AA but now he wants to treat all addictions with the 12 Steps, not just alcoholism
The truth is still the truth even if a broken person utters it

If you can get beyond the psycho-babble of the psychopaths who have re-made AA to gratify their alcoholic egos you can find and develop practical experience of the spiritual treatment of alcoholism. The Primetime Cult of AA can help facilitate the spiritual awakening which is prerequisite for recovery from the mental illness of alcoholism.

Is AA a Cult?
by Lisa L. Kirchner 02/23/16
Besides a penchant for dogmatic phrases like “we do not give drunkalogues,” and “Primetime saved my life,” as of this writing, no member of Primetime reported brutish practices such as the ones already described. Yet the dialogue is tightly controlled. The speakers are carefully chosen, and there is an archive of the taped talks allowed to represent Primetime, “otherwise the message can get diluted.”

Astrid H is Probably the Most Entertaining and Popular Personality Within the Cult of Primetime AA
astrid primetime howe
Astrid H is a very funny woman who puts on a great AA dog and pony show almost every night of the week!