culver city love song

Culver City Love Song


Culver City  Love Song


After meditating in the desert during July and August I have returned to the Westchester Hotel in Culver City, California where I belong.  I am a Los Angeles native and I love LA. However even now on this beautiful Sunday I am still processing the shift in masculine consciousness I had down in the desert.  I am clear, open and honest for my rejuvenated life here in Culver City.


Agape International Spiritual Center


Agape is located on Buckingham Parkway in Culver City. I am a regular there. Look for me at first service meditating in the second row at 6:25 a.m. The women of the second row are my Culver City connection to intimate communition of form and consciousness. Masculine consciousness and feminine form meditating union en mass. Mass Meditation.

Reverend Michael Beckwith is in Ghana this morning and not at Agape, therefore a Bishop Carlton is the main event instead. Coupled with the fact that I am still moving in and getting settled at my residential hotel, I am streaming this Sunday morning’s service on Try it. What an amazing piece of technology streaming is. I am sitting in my room in Culver City, watching live streaming of the hottest church in Los Angeles, which just so happens to be in Culver City. 

In between watching the services I am checking out my second cousin JN’s facebook page and writing promoting his book. This morning there is a fresh and rather sophomoric review of the new movie based upon David Foster Wallace‘s tragic life. I don’t even know the name of the movie and I have not completed one Wallace novel. Especially after Wallace committed suicide due to depression. Depression is caused by worshiping your own ego.  Meditation and healing prayer can heal JN’s alcoholism and DFW’s depression. 

I want to give you free healing hope: Prayer and meditation are all you need to connect to the infinite source of everything there is. Your story does not really matter all that much, unless you believe that is does. Just because you have a really good AA story does not mean that everybody wants to hear it. I want to hear the solution and the spiritual breakthrough. I am not really interested in the fall, unless you give me the upward swing first. I want to know if you are a spiritual man living a spiritual life, or just another alkie with ten years sober looking for a career move in Culver City.