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Who’s Your Daddy?

Desert Daddy

Who is the daddy of all content creation? Your image is too important to be the neglected stepchild of the Internet. Images come before everything else when it comes to seducing your viewers eyeballs. Seeing is achieving. The next step is yours. Who’s your daddy?

The desert if full of father figures roaming in search of boys. Are you using your child as an ego extension device? What did my father get from having children? Me. I’m so glad I never had kids. I would rather be the child myself. I have men out here in the desert standing in line to be my daddy. Boys like me just want to have fun with a big daddy who will take charge. This is my morning coffee break blog to all the gay men coming to Palm Springs for the Holiday.

daddy ideaMy father figure and sexlogist Dr. McDuff is coming to Palm Springs for the 4th of July weekend. It is going to be one hundred and fifteen degrees here in the desert this weekend. In a few minutes I will make my third and probably final trip to the Indio Law Library. I am my father’s oldest child and I will be claiming all of his estate as my inheritance. My siblings stole my inheritance and a Los Angeles Superior Court gave it back to me with damages. Now I don’t want to share the damages so I am writing a killer request for estoppel and waiver.

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This is my Wednesday morning machine gun child blog. Are you a child in search of answers? Your answers can be found in meditation and yoga. Walking in the park is good also. Every morning at five o’clock in the morning I walk through the sprinkler mist in the desert like the wayward child that I am.

Are you an adult African gay top looking for the right skinny little bottom to provide you with step by step servicing instructions? Through tantric anal masturbation I have discovered the key to life. Now I press my own buttons.


Daddy Taught Me How To Press My Own Buttons 

lsdDr. McDuff is seventy years old and so he used his big gynecologists hands to seduce me anally.  He never really mounted and fucked me like the African daddy currently servicing me. This blog is for the daddy out there who is searching for the perfect bottom boy. Daddy searching is one of my main areas of interest in life. This blog is designed to be my hot rod search tool for gay top men seeking the best bottom boy in Palm Springs. Sexological training can increase intimacy and sexual enjoyment. Professional sex workers have the training and technique to lift your sexual consciousness to new levels of awareness. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.