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David Doan’s Ten Year Undercover Operation Has Accomplished Nothing Except The Deterioration of My Health

Ex-LAPD Detective David Doan and the Unsuccessful Entrapment Operation

My new diagnosis of Myasthenia gravis compliments my post herpetic neuralgia and heart disease. The life I have been living for the past few years has been extremely stressful financially, physically and mentally. Former Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Detectives David Doan has been trying to entrap me into the unauthorized practice of law for the past ten years. The shear magnitude of Mr. Doan’s investigation is so overwhelming that at times I have been extremely scared and paranoid. Former LAPD Chief Doan’s fruitless investigation has turned me into a nervous wreck.

lapd chief doan

Mr. Doan and his operatives call and text with ridiculous requests for paralegal services which I no longer perform. I have not performed paralegal or legal document assistant services for over three years. My Legal Document Assistant permit and bond expired long ago. The statute of limitations to prosecute me for practicing law without a license have also long expired. However Mr. Doan’s associates still call me to this day asking me to perform illegal actions that I do not want to perform and that is entrapment.

confidential informant paul merritt carine kowach
Torrance confidential informant/insurance agent Carine “Kojak” Kowatch and Laguna Beach gay gadfly Paul Merritt “Columbo” Christiansen’s fake Facebook honeymoon

Kojak Columbo

When I found this photo of Carine Kowatch and Paul Christiansen on their fake Facebook honeymoon I told several undercover cops investigating me that I wanted to work for them as an investigator. They should have listened to me. The fact that Los Angeles Police Department Chief Doan’s confidential informant operation has been ongoing for the past ten years has enabled me to discover and identify Facebook photographs of these undercover investigators and other agents of the law.

fakebook investigators

I No Longer Do Any Type of Work

David Doan also texts me for “security” work but I don’t do security work. I have never performed security work. The world needs to be kept safe from misguided investigations like Mr. Doan’s.

Brian Lysaght Tried to Get Me to Blow Ten Years of Sobriety at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica

If you have ever wondered why the world is in such turmoil just take a look at the smiling face of our law enforcement managerial talent. Instead of protecting the citizenry they are running around playing games with people’s lives.

Attorney Brian Lysaght was giving me the most ridiculous paralegal assignments and asked me to meet him at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California. At that time I was telling Paul Christiansen and everyone in the operation about how hard I had been working on my ten years of recovery from alcoholism. Lysght tried to get me to drink and he tried to enlist me to fight his whole five person undercover crew he had sitting at the bar pretending to be drunk and obnoxious. The bartender even tried to provoke me about my Russian mafia style leather jacket that I bought for $4.00 at a thrift store.

brian lysaght investigator provocateur
Cops Brag About Lying to People

Cops are proud of the fact that they can legally lie to people. If you ask Mr. Doan what this is all about he will just lie like all cops do. These losers just want to put somebody in jail and let the truth fall where it may. Chief Doan knows that I would not live long in jail but that is the whole point.

undercover investigators facebook
LAPD Chief Doan’s confidential informant/real estate broker Brett Zebrowski of Manhattan Beach, California
ex los angeles police dept deputy chief david doan
When Chief Doan interviewed me he used an alias and said he was living in a homeless shelter in downtown LA. I put the whole thing together when I recognized his shoes eight years later when I found this photo for sale in a stock library.
lapd chief doan wife terri
David and Terri Doan represented that they needed a divorce when I met them two times at the International House of Pancakes in Westchester, California down the street from Los Angeles International Airport
Chief Doan Knows That I Would Die In Jail

Professional jail baiters know that a skinny old man like me could not handle jail. I am old and infirm and would get killed in prison. There is no way I could survive in jail. I am a heart attack survivor with Myasthenia gravis. My life has been cut short without David Doan’s assistance. This is probably some type of elder abuse but I would rather put the joke on David Doan and the Los Angeles Police Department. The whole story is one big Killing Joke and I’m the one who is dying.

D. Keith Maccaddam, known legally as Dean Keith McAdams, is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact:
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