What Does David Geffen Get for His Half Billion Dollars in Philanthropy? — IMMORTALITY

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David Geffen – “I can’t tell Neil Young how to sound like Neil Young, he’ll fire me.  He may fire me anyway.”

What Do You Give the Man Who Has Everything?


You Give Impresario David Geffen Immortality for Finding His True Nature as Divine Creative Energy


Sue me if I get emotional and exaggerate however pop culture mogul David Geffen has recently given away approximately half a billion dollars to the arts and medicine. The vast majority of money was donated to the UCLA Medical School to fund research and cure of HIV related disease. Promoting the cure of disease demonstrates oneness with the planet and the universe. Promoting cure of disease is one of Mr. Geffen’s goals. Geffen has brought his true essence into alignment with the universe.

I’m gonna go out on a limb with Shirley McClain and say that Geffen’s enlightenment is just as valid and worthwhile to the planet as the enlightenment of a Buddhist monk or works of a Christian minister.  

David Geffen is buying into the cosmic world wide community using his hard earned money as his energy conduit. More power to him. David Geffen is authentically connected to the planet. As usual, I can’t wait to see what this guy does next. 

By giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to charity the earthly manifestation of David Geffen the physical and finite human being gives way to his universal essence as divine and infinite creative energy. Geffen has transcended not only his impoverished youth, he has also transcended from just another billionaire to an Andrew Carnegie-like icon of American industry.

David Geffen has earned his place in the history books. We should be hyping and paying more positive attention to guys like Geffen in the media. Too much time is devoted instead to sick souls at the other end of the spectrum who wreak havoc upon the world:


Mogul Runs Amuck Practicing Medicine Without a License!


Apparently the audacious Mr. Geffen wants to help find a cure for HIV and he is not going to let his lack of medical expertise get in his way.  Geffen is a man who knows how to get what he wants in life, he’ll just fund the cure for HIV. With Geffen as the de facto power behind UCLA medicine, the cure for HIV related maladies is well on the way. 

There is no way of telling what social catastrophes Mr. Geffen will turn his attention to next. If this guy gets into next generation energy there could be light at the end of the tunnel for planet Earth.

With the late Steve Jobs sorely missed, Geffen is now the most innovative and interesting billionaire in California. Geffen’s native flair for the high profile class act outshines California’s number two billionaire Larry Ellison by a long shot. 



David Geffen Gets and Deserves His Slice of Immortality on Planet Earth


For generously giving away such record breaking amounts of money David Geffen has gone to the next level of humanity here in the twenty-first century. Perfectly in tune with the temper of the times, Geffen is even hipper now than he was back in the 1970’s when he was the only manager in town who could recognize talent like Jackson Browne. When Geffen couldn’t get Browne a record deal he just started his own record company and signed the whole LA country rock Eagles scene to a deal. In similar fashion, Geffen is now brashly writing his $200 million dollar checks, not content at waiting around for someone else to make up their minds about what is good or not. 

By requesting that his name be put on the buildings, Geffen has upgraded from a pop culture product logo to a high culture logo. The music business is cool but these days giving away money is even cooler. Giving away astronomical sums of capitalist cash is a karma cleansing. Curt Cobain would have approved. 

Billionaires like Buffett, Gates and Geffen giving away money to worthy causes is the way humanity is supposed to operate. Why aren’t top managers and producers like Geffen, Buffett and Gates managing the business called America, Inc? Let’s carve out a new state in cash strapped California and name it Geffen. Geffen may not have earned it the old school way by being a general or a president, however if he keeps it up Geffen could be just as important if not much more important in the here and now. 

By publicly showering David Geffen with adoration in this article and otherwise we perpetuate this senseless cycle of giving. Some may exclaim: “I don’t understand, how could a man just give away $300 million dollars to a medical school?” The answer is: You never really give it away, it is still there, only now you are connected to it by community. 

Donors love local causes because it connects them to community in a huge way. David Geffen is now cosmically connected to a community larger than he could ever possibly be connected to physically. Geffen is connected in consciousness to UCLA medicine and the world of modern American art. Donating is a high level social skill so let’s all learn from David Geffen’s example. Giving heals separation and builds community. 

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