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Death Religion

When I signed up for Kundalini yoga teacher training I inadvertently signed up for an education in the death religion of Sikhism. Cosmic kundalini death religion staring me in the face. I guess I should consider myself lucky to be alive. This entire country seems to be infected with death religion.

sikh death cult

Hotel 2 Twenty One

The hotel I am currently staying at falsely advertised a kitchenette on premises. There is no kitchenette at Hotel 2 Twenty One, 221 Concord Street, El Segundo, California 90245. There is a microwave and refrigerator, but no sink, in a community room. There are not even sinks or microwaves in the rooms at Hotel 2 Twenty One. All hotels have sinks and microwaves except 221 Concord Street in El Segundo.

hotel 2 twenty one

Hotel 2 Twenty One has the falseness to put a dish, bowl, glass and silverware in my room that has no sink or microwave. This hotel is a rip off. There is only on street parking. Hotel 2 Twenty One in El Segundo is not a good deal for your dollar. It’s all part of the falseness that is infecting America. Fake kitchenettes in El Segundo and fake death religion at Yoga West in Beverly Hills.

Stand up to fake religion and tell your Sikh neighbors you would like to see them lay down their arms. We have no need for weapons in our houses of worship. Carrying knives is a bad example for children.

death religion

Ranting and Raving

It is important to have your own blog to rant and rave in. Don’t waste  your time ranting and raving on Facebook because you are giving Facebook free product. By ranting and raving in this blog you can reach a much broader audience. 

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The purpose of this blog is to write a really fast article because now I have to cook my breakfast in my camper van. But first I have to move out of the street sweeping zone before 8:00 a.m. My Town and Country is parked on the street in front of this rinky-dink hotel and it will take a few extra minutes to cook my Irish oatmeal and brown eggs.  Fuck Hotel 221. The good news is that it gives me something to quickly write about in Jack Kerouac stream of consciousness style. Jack would have loved blogging. Jack would just go on forever and ever with a blog.
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