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Robotic Jail Bait

Undercover Robot Decoy

Robot decoys could conceivably be used by law enforcement investigators to gather evidence and prosecute the highly secretive online networks of child sexual predators. As long as the pedophile believes that the robot decoy is thirteen years old, and the perpetrator has the intention of engaging in sexual exploitation of a thirteen year old, a government prosecutor may be able to build a strong enough case to obtain a conviction for human trafficking. Robot decoys may be able to provide many other new law enforcement tools in the future.

All an undercover cop posing as a twelve year-old child needs to do is get the pederast to arrive at a location with the intent of sexual contact with a child. If the kid is under 14 years of age the law is severe for violators. Child sex offenders know that most pedophile networks have already been penetrated by undercover law enforcement officers and so the peds are extremely cautious. Members of the Mexican Boy Lover Club have been known to cancel human trafficking deals at the last minute when they suspect that undercover law enforcement decoys may be involved.

undercover decoyDecoy Photo Model

A robot decoy could be used to take photographs designed to gain the pedophiles trust and confidence. Pedophile network administrators often ask prospective new members to supply child pornography as part of the application process to gain access to secret child sex networks.  Pedophiles are big on pornography and a robot decoy could fill the void.  Because a pedophile cannot gratify his visual needs in the legal world, he must use pornography to keep his arrested development in place. The pedophile has a never ending need for kiddie porn. Sexually active men, legal and otherwise are very visual. Men masturbate to manifest what they want in life. Pedophiles look at child pornography while they masturbate and so they need to have sex with kids. Healthy men enjoy photographs of beautiful naked adults and unhealthy men obtain gratification from sexuall idealized children. There is a very large need by law enforcement for decoy child pornography that could be filed by sexy decoy child robots. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.