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What if you were a serious lover of God and you found out that your kundalini yoga religion was blowing smoke up your ass and causing you to emotionally assault Christian women?  This article is an open apology to a workshop leader at Westside Vineyard Church whose name I cannot remember.  You are a well-mannered blue-eyed blond workshop leader approximately 40 years-old.  In approximately 2008-2009, you stated in your prayer class that yoga was a religion and I disagreed with you.  You were very polite and acquiesced upon the issue.  It turns out you were right.  If you practice kundalini yoga as taught by the Bhajanists you can become a default Sikh.  Now I feel as if I have emotionally assaulted you and I must atone for my transgression.  Hopefully this article will remedy my past dissemination of wrong information by educating serious spiritual seekers of the smoke & mirror recruitment tactics of the default kundalini yoga religion known as Yogi Bhajanism. 

 Knives are Part of Kundalini Yoga 

It turns out that kundalini yoga is a rather dangerous religion because it is an insidious belief system that creeps up on you.  Kundalini yoga has people like me running around chanting that yoga is not a religion when in fact yoga is a religion is some cases.  Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Singh at Yoga West is a branch of the Sikh religion. If you put on a turban, grow a beard and chant, you may be considered a default Sikh.

 Default Sikh  

Is your religion a belief system that is all sizzle and no steak that has been blowing smoke up your ass? What if the entire Sikh religion is not a real religion but a default religion shoved down little kids throats just because adults have some cool rituals.  After a while Sikhs remind me of my fellow Catholics and their public displays.  When I was a child the Catholic Church was frightening to me with all the fire and brimstone rituals blowing smoke up my young ass.  Spirit is not material.  

Palestinian Christians attend a service on Easter Sunday at the Saint Porfirios church in Gaza City April 1, 2018. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC1E9969F100

 Playing With Fire 

First I started complaining about the hypocrisy of Yoga West now I am examining the whole default Sikh religion. Sikhs with their kirpan knives challenged me at Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and this is my response.  It the default Sikhs don’t like it, let them come after me with their swords just like Guru Singh said they would.  Guru Singh’s violent threats will not deter me because I am a journalist and I am coming after you!  

 Who Are You?  

Even if you are a Level 10 Yellow Turban Kundalini Yoga Master you still cannot bring your kirpan on the airplane or TSA will hand you over to the local cops.
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