How Many Dominoes Away From Mike Domino Are You?

red hat lodge room

Welcome to The Red Hat Lodge Room

The Red Hat Lodge of Unaffiliated Diplomats & Ambassadors is a secret fraternity dedicated to the practice of ancient wisdom.

Investigation and Discovery 2020

Now that I am finally safe from the secret Ambassadors Club I can finally write about the Domino Theory. The Ambassadors from the Ambassador Club can no longer surprise me in my sumptuous dining hall thanks to the blessing of our pandemic lock down 2020. By the Grace of God I am also gifted with the double lock of our 24/7 security gate and private security guards. Thank you to all of my first responders bringing me my food and taking out my trash. I would be dead without you.

For over a decade I have been constantly worrying that I have somehow let down Wor. Mike Domino and his Ambassador Club. Mike’s image was always somehow in the back of my mind as I struggled to lift myself up out of social mediocrity and into official membership in the coastal elitist club. It didn’t seem possible that Mike would be a part of the vast psychological operation working against me. I naively assumed that David Doan and his agents of entrapment were separate and apart from Wor. Domino. It appeared that since Mike was gay he was somehow trying relate to me in a special way to help me out of my social awkwardness. The credo of making good men better seemed to be working for me. I was in the Ambassador Club and had arrived! Now my heart is broken to discover that it was all one great big lie.

Now, in 2020, I see that Bro. Mike was merely the first Domino in a giant conspiracy against me. Sounds crazy right? Conspiracy theories like QAnon are very much in vogue these days. However, as paranoid and ridiculous as it sounds, most of this blog is based upon fact. Investigation and discovery have only recently begun and are ongoing and continual. This is a rather personal blog manly addressed to the Brothers, they know who they are. Now I know who you are.

In 2004, when I left my home in the backwoods of Tujunga, California, my goal was to be able to see the unseen and know the unknown. It has taken all these years and now my perception and consciousness are clean and clear. Thanks to the pandemic and lock down I have had plenty of free time to work on esoteric concerns. Everything builds upon everything else like a great big Domino effect.

domino theory
How many dominoes from Mike Domino are you?

Events from the past that I did not understand are now making perfect sense to me. A lot of my new perceptual abilities have to do with my yoga and meditation practice. Every morning near the end of my yoga practice, I levitate in full lotus position just like yogis whom you have seen and read about. If you have access to big brother’s video feed on your mobile device then you should be able to see me perform this feat for yourself. Or you could just walk by my apartment window or open front door to witness my physical refinement in action. Hopefully however you will be able to actually feel me levitate my yogic energy through this blog.

dominoes falling down
Definition of a Yogi: Interconnected to every one yet dependent upon no one.

The Domino Theory

Everything that occurs in my life can be traced back my clandestine initiation into the fictitious Ambassador Club in Santa Monica. The new video cameras pointed at my widow were ordered by people within one degree of Mike Domino and the private security guards walking around my apartment in the wee hours are probably many degrees removed from Mr. Domino. How many degrees from Mike Domino and/or his non-existent Ambassador Club are you? And how would you even know if you are one of the many people currently in my life who does not even know Mr. Domino personally? Maybe you are somehow connected to the Ambassador Club and you don’t even know it. If you are a part of this deception, I will eventually find out your name just like I did with Carine “Kojak” Kowatch and Paul “Columbo” Christiansen.

david doans ci's carine kowatch paul merritt christiansen
Six or seven degrees from Mike Domino? Carine Kowatch, Paul Merrit Christiansen and unidentified female confidential informant with tattoo

If You Are One of Mike’s Dominos, you will eventually fall down, they all do in the end

It took me over a decade to figure out exactly what the Ambassador Club was supposed to mean in my life and I am still discovering answers to my questions. Everything happens for a reason, right? Being in the non-existent Ambassador Club has brought new focus and meaning in my life. From now I I will practice the Domino Theory of interaction. Everyone is a suspect or a witness as I continue to unravel the ancient mysteries of the Ambassador Club and the Domino Theory.

domino theory
It may take a long time but the dominoes eventually all fall down . . .

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.