Delacruz Desert Investigation

Steve B. Delacruz Investigation

Steve Delacruz is under investigation for conspiring with Jeff Cowan to aid and abet registered child sex trafficker John Herriot in San Bernardino, CA.

A freelancer is a legal professional who goes where the action is. and works by the job or by the contract. A contract litigation paralegal is good at discovery and investigation and works by production, not by the clock! A good contract litigation paralegal keeps perfect track of their time as they create quality billable work product for a law office personal injury file. A professional timekeeper must always enter beginning and ending times in legal billing. The contract paralegal must be able to document the file with quality subpoenas, motions, briefs, and a comprehensive updating of legal files. A good contract litigation paralegal keeps busy moving the case forward and keeping an excellent record of that productivity. This is quality litigation.

Delacruz in Depth

Does your family law practice need an new stream of revenue? Have you ever considered having a contract divorce paralegal prepare and process your qualified domestic relations orders? A good family law paralegal can produce work product that is high quality and timely. QDRO’s are easy and they are perfect for contract family law paralegals. 

A Good Contract Litigation Paralegal Learns to Use Technology For Perfection 

For example right now I am learning to use Siri on my iphone. The 23 year old legal assistant I work with does it and I just now used Siri for the first time by holding down the iPhone button and saying: Siri remind me to finish the complaint for involuntary dissolution of a corporation. The really great paralegal knows computers, word processing, spread sheets, online research and everything else up-to-date about technology and the modern law office.

A Good Litigation Paralegal Does Not Need Direction on How to Work a Litigation File

In this blog I am teaching attorneys what I most need to learn as a contract litigation paralegal formulating discovery plans. The personal injury case must move along with medical records. The breach of trust cause of action must move along with the production of useful financial records via hardcore discovery techniques. Requests for Admissions, Form and Special Interrogatories, Depositions.

A good litigation paralegal delivers and does not talk about it. When a paralegal represents that he is an expert, old school personal injury attorneys are going to hold the paralegal to that representation. Therefore that personal injury paralegal needs to start producing financial records.

Being a great contract litigation paralegal means being truly interested in the law and legal procedure. The exact details of legal procedure. The minute details of legal procedure means looking up the California Code of Civil Procedure cited on Judicial Counsel court forms. Attorneys fill out court forms by looking up the statutes on the forms, that is real attention to detail.

A contract litigation paralegal produces whatever pleadings the attorney requires

Dean produces perfectly formatted state and federal legal pleadings for supervising attorney approval, signature and filing in all state and federal courthouses in California.

Research online & LA County Main Law Library, e-filing, fax filing, Court Call telephonic appearances, for Stephen B. Delacruz.  Also expert witness management,, subpoenas, summarize depositions & medical records, discovery, ex parte application to shorten time for notice of motion to continue trial date, law & motion memorandums, declarations, proposed orders, oppositions, answer, affirmative defenses, responses, entry of default judgment & prove up hearing, set aside and vacate, ADR, MJP, MSJ, request for dismissal, arbitration, trial preparation, joint exhibit/witness lists, motions in limine, voir dire, jury instructions, enforcing sister-state judgments, wage garnishments & exemptions, writs, publication review compliance.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.