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Delusional Yoga Teachers

Delusional kundalini yoga teachers need to stop and realize that men who take yoga classes have the right to due process under the law. Not every man who has paid to take a kundalini yoga class wants the yoga teacher in a sexual or physical manner.  Not every man who takes kundalini yoga wants to get in a sword fight with a girl. By verbally or physically attacking men who are simply interested in yoga or the Sikh religion, you may actually be the harassing party.  You cannot criminalize another person’s legal conduct just because you do not approve of it. If you think a crime has been committed, you can call the police or an attorney but you cannot take matters into your own hands. You cannot act like an anonymous vigilante violating other peoples civil rights. Yoga studios and religious temples should not be considered safe havens for violence.

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Uneasy Yoga Class

I already had yoga, God and meditation when I came to Yoga West to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Dya Kaur tried to make me believe that I did something wrong and kicked me out of KYTT.  I didn’t do anything wrong to Dya Kaur. I deeply regret even speaking to her. Now I find out that Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh religion upon which KYTT is based is just a hostile environment. Guru Singh, the Kaur Sisters, and the Sikhs are just natural born yoga studio brawlers because their religion makes them violent.  I feel so free and now that I practice yoga on my own at home at in the steam room at the Bay Club.  I don’t even take yoga classes at the Bay Club because I already have yoga, God and meditation. Upon realizing how unhappy Yoga West made me over the holidays has inspired me to write these blogs. I only found out Dya Kaur’s name at the end of February 2018. Yoga West almost made me believe that I did something wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. 

Are You A Delusional Temple Brawling Sikh?

Are you a power tripping Melrose Avenue Guru Warmonger giving kundalini yoga and Eastern religion a bad name? What if you are the only Sikh that people meet today? What kind of an impression are you going to make upon the world? Are you a delusional kundalini yoga teacher who thinks that men pay for yoga classes so they can have sex with stuck-up yoga teachers? Exactly what is your problem? I need you to just come out and state your delusional claims. Delusional kundalini yoga teachers like Dya Kaur are making the world a miserable place. I already had a gratifying sex life when I came to Yoga West, I did not come to Dya Kaur for sex, I came for yoga. I paid for yoga and I didn’t get any yoga from her.  I came to Los Angeles to learn about Kundalini eyeball kriyas. I didn’t get any Kundalini eyeball kriyas from Yoga West. Yoga West is a yoga rip off.

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