Lost Your Medication? Try Natural Desert Meditation






The 12 Steps Are About Finding God Through Meditation


Do you need to get your AA medicine on? Are you going to meetings looking for the answer in the form of another person called a sponsor? AA is a spiritual program about finding God right here right now through prayer and meditation. AA teaches that your answers come through intuition and God, not another human being. Spiritual practice is work. Meditation is work. However there is the easy way of spiritual surrender.

All of the memes of AA are tried and true: Let Go and Let God, Easy Does It, Humbly Ask Him. We are into the holiday season and we are also into the human season. If you need a break from all of the world culture then come on out to the desert and meditate.

Turn off the noisy pop culture and give your mind a break. After you relax and re-set your nervous system you will elevate your ability to manage everything. It is a complex world. The world is easy if you meditate, the world is easy without complexity:

The Desert is the Meditation


The deafening silence of the desert is good medicine for meditation. Even if you are not already a meditator, the desert has the inherent ability to make a meditator out of you. The calmness of the vast open spaces has a soothing effect upon the mind. The hugeness inspires awe and respect for nature. Just turn off your mind relax and float downstream. 

Turn off the noisy pop culture and let the desert take you into meditation naturally. You may have already experienced altered states of meditation-like consciousness simply driving through the vastness of the desert. The desert engenders altered states of consciousness with the eternally awe inspiring vastness.

Everyone knows that prayer and meditation are the foundation with a mystic life and connection to the species. Prayer and meditation can be practiced anywhere, not just the California desert.

Tuning the Consciousness in Desert Tones

Normally my mind needs trees and greenery to stimulate my primate tree climbing brain. When I start my morning in a typical desert luxury home, condominium or hotel there is an appropriate amount of light stimulation for my morning coffee brain: Cactus, trees, rock & sand art, native and low key art.  My consciousness wakes up to the tune and done of the desert in earth colors and soft sounds. My consciousness is already toned down by the architecture and style of Palm Springs.

By the time I get out into the raw, natural desert my mind is already prepared for meditation. Even my walking becomes a meditation. There are many different physical forms for meditation. Most of my tribe sits with feet flat on the floor and palms turned upward resting upon the knees. However last Saturday I meditated while sitting cross-legged in a group meditation. There is also walking meditation and laying down meditation. An advanced practitioner of meditation is meditating all the time. 


Morning AA Mediation: I Create My World


I am looking for a way to give back to AA and for now this blog will be it. If you are Googling around for AA help the let me give it to you straight: AA is a spiritual program about waking up to God consciousness right here right now. Sponsorship has been overrated these days. An AA sponsor does not have anything to give you. What do you have to bring to AA? What do I have to bring to AA? AA is a great door to healing. AA is a great first step. AA shows me what the problem is and points me in the right direction. At eleven years sober I am eternally grateful to AA. AA is part of the reason I have become a real blogger. Here I am blogging away at the universe. The question becomes how do I make any money at this. How do I make any money at anything anymore?


Here and Now in West Hollywood

Today is Monday and I am still in the urban paradise of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. A few minutes ago I was walking down the street and I smelled incense. Looking up and about a woman right above me said to me from here balcony: “I have to light my incense before I meditate.” I responded: “I have to meditate before I open up my eyes.” She told me her name and dropped me her business card. 


The desert is a symbol of life on a new planet. I will go down to the desert in two days and the universe will give me instructions. The Palm Springs desert is good medicine for meditation and receiving free personalized instruction manuals from the Universe. Right now ferociously blogging away right here is what is keeping me alive. I have found something with which to find myself.


The Practice of Spiritual Imperfection


Ten months ago I died and was brought back to life by modern medicine. My heart got sick from all this running around. I had a heart attack and I died. Someone I don’t like took me to the hospital and saved my life. It was winter in Philadelphia I was a desperate soul soul who died a desperate life. And then God gave me the gift of life, again. Again and again God gives me the gift of life. I gotta learn to be more grateful. I say I am grateful and now I need to feel it.


Meditation in the desert will give me instructions from the universe and a view to a take down. I fantasize my own take down like the agents of the law must have seen it go down. The government will have to email me now because I am not really answering my telephone. The government created an entire contract career and paid me for years to work as a legal assistant doing phony document work. I marvel at my own stupidity. I thought I was doing an end run around the whole paralegal problem.

How Many Near Death Experiences Can One Person Have?


How many NDE’s has any one person had? I have had three and I don’t want to push it. Now I have my little bottles of nitroglycerin stashed all about. I often think of my last NDE, especially these days as the one year aniversary approaches. I didn’t even notice the anniversary of NDE #2 which was in May. The most important lessons of the NDE is to be able to recognize a NDE when I am in it.

Last night I had hybrid NDE/REM consciousness. My mind was exceptionally clear from meditating. Good God I can’t wait to get to the desert my personal living situation is Hollywood intense. Nice but intense. Yesterday was Sunday and therefore I was able to maintain an exceptionally clear consciousness all day. Now I am in my Holy Thanksgiving Week. I have become a real blogger. I feel like somebody real right now looking over my latest blogs. 

gene trautmann
Gene “Teen Dream” Trautmann.  EODM circa 1999-2001.

My latest blogs have purpose and meaning. They are wild and woolly. They contain multi-media like a blog is supposed to. Here is a photo of drummer Gene Trautmann promoting his drumming and persona.

I guess I am calling you out. You who call. You who bait. You who want me. I know you want me. I am ready for a change. This is a revolutionary conversation. You have set me up into believing the whole LDA thing is real. LDA is not real and should be abolished. The only good thing about LDA for me now is the $25,000 surety bond. The other good thing is the escape it gives me. I am feeling closure on a whole way of life in the city. I am too old and sick and tired. I may not have that much time left.

I’m not going to be around 5630 for you guys to run your operation on my psyche. I know about your little emissaries and agents provocateur. You will not be able to get a rise out of me. You can serve your summons and complaint by email. You can contact me through this website or via text. You probably know by now that I am not even answering my telephone. Soon all of that will change. I am making my moves in public and I am calling you out on your fake legal career. I want a refund. I want you guys to help me out and provide a new life for me. What is justice? I am going on record as saying I am not predisposed to creating false passports. I am just a skilled document person who needs money. I need a break. I need my government to look out for me in my time of need. Dying as I am. My heart is busted and I don’t really want a new one. I am glad for the gift of a second chance at life and now I have to take it. I must leave everything behind that is defective. My paralegal medicine is defective. I am done. Finished With Legal.

Do you guys have ultimate top level decision makers you must report to? Will you tell them that I attempted to communicate with you with this? Is there any clause for mitigation. Is there any cause for emancipation?

One thing that I have learned is that law enforcement investigators are proud of the fact that they can lie. I will dedicate this evening to a few true crime documentaries. Better to stay home and learn a few more law enforcement techniques than go to the karaoke bar. 

This is where I have to call myself out on my decision not to go to the Bullet Bar for karaoke with Jeffrey. I was thinking earlier today: Karaoke is the torture of sitting through everybody else’s terrible singing so you can get to do your own three or four songs of terrible singing. Karaoke is torture. I reaffirm my decision that I am not going. I will see Jeffrey in two days when I move down to his condo in PS.

I spent all day just writing this blog while killing time in the urban paradise of WeHo. Parking is a chore and I find myself isolating living like this. It is really tiring trying to find a parking spot when coming home at 10:00 p.m. in West Hollywood. I love the desert. In less than 48 hours I will be in my new room in the desert beginning my latest transformation. My post-Dr. McDuff second time in gay Palm Springs.    

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.