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TEN YEARS AFTER: The Medium is the Religion, Part 3 of 3

desire christ consciousness11. DESIRE CHOICE INTENT CHANGE 

It really is a question of desire, desire, desire, and only desire. It has nothing to do with ability, talent, brains or anything else. -Fred Alan Wolf

The origin of suffering is attachment to transient things and the ignorance thereof. Transient things do not only include the physical objects that surround us, but also ideas, and in a greater sense, all objects of our perception. Ignorance is the lack of understanding of how our mind is attached to impermanent things. The reasons for our suffering are desire, passion, ardor, pursuit of wealth and prestige, striving for fame and popularity, or in short: craving and clinging. -Second Noble Truth of Buddhism

Therefore it is not desire, but the attachment to desire that is the ignorance, or “the lack of understanding of how our mind is attached.” Attachment to desire” sounds a lot like “addiction to emotion.”

In Buddhism it is attachment, in medicine it is addiction. Either way, you are just thinking the same thoughts over and over and are not able to think something new.


Smoke still arises, but in the enlightened it doesn’t stick to the walls.” In all of these teachings, it’s not the emotion but the attachment (addiction) that brings everyone pain and suffering. Ramakrishna

If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.  -Matthew 6:22



Dr. Dispenza says: “You have to have the willingness and the passion to step outside of your own comfort zone.”

The last time Jesus was in church he had passion: “And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew tables.” (John 2:15)

Get the root of desire to properly manifest with singleness of mind. A house of divided motivation cannot manifest.

The observer is a highly inner-self managed individual who has the awareness and intellectual understanding that they do not have to make the same choices they did in the past.

Most people stop because they look for the results in the world after only a small amount of effort, and when they don’t see those results, they immediately discount its possibility. And yet, right on the other side of that, right past that point where they stop is the potential still existing. We’re lazy as human beings, we live in a convenience world, and if we don’t get our quick, immediate fix, we’re impatient.

I have to up my level of will and sincerity to achieve greater influence on the quantum world.



Focus on abundance and allow that my god will bring it to me in a way that will evolve me. Money is the free energy that comes from evolving to a higher state of consciousness. Which means that I have emotions and experiences I need to have and then own them. By taking the time to observe myself, my reality, my emotional state, I can make choices that will move me along a greater path, instead of just bouncing off the walls and buying shoes.


dualism12. PARADIGMS:

The Medium is the Religion

Eastern traditions teach that god: the Tao, Brahman, pure consciousness, cosmic intelligence, the Void, etc., is everywhere, and can best be experienced within one’s own self. Indeed, the assertion is that God is one’s own self—or perhaps it would be better to say, one’s own self is God.

Western dualism teaches that God is apart from us.

Religion is subjugation because people have set up right and wrong.

Evolution comes from inside and at the core each person is divine.

We cannot grow and become astounding beings unless we are fraught with the blight of experience that is bad and harmful and all those things, because only then have we really achieved the wisdom that allows us to understand everybody. –Ramtha

The basic tenet of Christianity is the doctrine of original sin requiring Jesus to “save me” because I am a “sinner” and have no hope of doing it myself. This is the ultimate in disempowerment if taken at face value and is really institutionalized (religiousized) victim mentality.

It is just those mistakes, ignorant decisions, and “sins” that evolve us into higher and higher states.

goodbye religionJZ Knight puts it this way: “Pleasing god gets us off the hook of living, the very fact that we had to have somebody die for our sins is sort of a rip-off. We should have the privilege of living out our own sins and by virtue of experience being enriched with wisdom because of them. We grow and become astounding beings because we are fraught with the blight and bliss of experience that is bad and harmful and good and enriching, because only then have we really achieved the wisdom that allows us to understand everybody.

We need to each own our unique sins and retire them to our own individual books of wisdom.

For a while some religions, cults, AA, Primetime, may have had a true divine source, point zero, but in time they are administered and devolved by humans. And so doctrines like “original sin,” anti-homosexuality and intolerance, which were never a part of Jesus’ teachings get tacked on. The root of these developments lies not in teachings but in the dark violent recesses of humanity. The way out is not in attacking religions, but evolving into the next generation, the next version of humanity. We don’t get rid of intolerance by getting rid of churches or leaders, but by evolving past those addictions that drive us to acting out bad behavior. The problem with religions, AA, K.C., Astrid, is that they got stuck and dug their heels in about what is truth. For the religious impulse to evolve past this stagnant stance, it needs to look at the other side of the coin—science—and learn what made science great. What’s missing is the willingness to be wrong in the search for an ever-greater understanding.

Search and research, use the Scientific Method. Change Happens!

desire wisdomWhen you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.  –The Gospel of Thomas

People are getting away from the idea of God the person. God is not the universe, but emanates throughout the universe, and that would include all things and all particles and things. And this includes the idea that God is within, a complete identification of our being with the divine source that is at the origin of it all.

The neurological sciences are one of the richest areas for actually exploring how science and spirituality come together successfully without necessarily diminishing or being combative of each other.


You have to want it, yes. But it’s only when you effortlessly see yourself in a situation, and honestly believe that you are that person in that situation, that you act like you already are in that situation.

What we do to another, we really do also do to ourselves because there is no real separation between us. Entanglement is not a property of quantum; it’s the property. Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin. It’s real. It happens. It’s obvious.

Matter as well as mind evolved out of a common cosmic womb: the energy field of the quantum vacuum. The interaction of our mind and consciousness with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us, as well as with the biosphere of the planet. It “opens” our mind to society, nature and the universe. 

Coherent intent marks the full achievement of divine creativity. –Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.



All of the concepts in theoretical physics and quantum physics are fabulous and wonderful. But at the end of the day, does it give us a better way to change our minds –JZ Knight

The body/mind/soul always wants to heal itself and its emotions.

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