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The Vikings Called Me “He Who Practices Woman’s Magic”


The problem with devotion to the Sacred Heart and Body of Christ is now I have to authentically live it. This morning I actually looked at the promiscuous gay men-4-men posts seeking immediate homosexual hook-ups in the desert. My devotion to God is transparent. Everything I do is above-board and on this blog. The last time a man topped me was a few weeks ago and I no longer pursue any of my dwindling contacts.

The next time I break devotion I will have to write about it here on this blog. Right now I need to take an after lunch nap. This is the seventh or eighth blog I have pounded out today. My goal is to attract a new Catholic following in Palm Springs.

My only rule is that the Holy Spirit must influence, guide and manifest everything. I totally surrender to God. I give up the commercial gay culture Walmart brand CMEN promiscuous pig sex. God must manifest all human relations in my life from now on. The only person I will be with is a person I can stand before God with. If it is another Mexican girl in the Catholic Church like my ex-wife, then so be it. A nice big kind and gentle Latin man who makes me his little lover boy and takes me to Mass would be nice. If and when God manifests that person I will let you know.

Love, Surrender, Devotion

Dancing laughing surrendering because I know whatever is next from God is going to be so good the best thing for me to do is just get out of the way. Devotion to God means my consciousness will manifest.  If I hold God in consciousness then God will manifest. My love, surrender and devotion is spiritually tangible to me now.

Catholic Means Universal

Catholic means universal. The Catholic Mass is the same everywhere on any Sunday.  White Mass means saying no to the Black Mass Media. Say yes to God. God is transmuting my sexual energy into a fable called “Wool.”


Dr. Allen’s book on Core Energetics is part transformation and part wool over the eyes. The real Dr. McDuff looks like Shrek. Beauty and the Beast. I am creating a fairytale called “Wool”.  Wool is a modern gay beauty and the feast fable. I am the beauty and Dr. McDuff is the beastly Faustian procologist.

In our story the beautiful blond California boy wakes up to his sexual power by letting Dr. McDuff seduce him. DD the Blond Boy is living in his RV with his dog named Deva. Deva means divinity in Sanskrit. The diabolical Dr. McDuff takes DD to a Radical Aliveness Core Energetics graduation ceremony in Malibu. DD meets his sexual surrogate Ann Bradney and she trains him to be a tantrika.

Woman’s Magic

The Vikings did not have a word for homosexual because they did not believe that homosexuality should be an exclusive lifestyle. If you refused to have sex with women one of the things the Vikings would deride you as would be a “practicer of woman’s magic.” That is what I have become. I am a practitioner of woman’s magic. 

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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