There is blood upon the order of Freemasonry – The Craft, p. 163

Did New York Masons murder William Morgan after he swore to reveal their secrets?

THE BIRTH OF THE ANTI-MASONIC MOVEMENT: Did Freemasons murder William Morgan, the anti-Masonic journeyman stonemason, gambler and finagling drunkard who disappeared in 1826 because he was loathed by the Brethren? In 1825 Morgan managed to have himself exalted as a Royal Arch Mason under questionable circumstances. Morgan may have not been initiated into the prerequisite degrees that would qualify him for initiation into Royal Arch. When a new Chapter of the Royal Arch was constituted in 1826, he was excluded because the Brethren deemed him below their social status. An indignant Morgan swore revenge aloud. Together with his drinking buddy, a perennially broke printer named David C. Miller, Bro. Morgan resolved to publish all of Masonry’s secrets.

did freemasons murder william morgan for writing in anti-masonic almanac

Freemasons are known to take the law into their own hands

“The Masons immediately made their anger known. Warnings to other Brothers were also printed in the local newspapers: ‘Morgan is considered a swindler, and a dangerous man.’ They approached the defector directly, and thought they had brow-beaten him into surrendering his manuscript. But it soon became apparent that he had only handed over a rough copy, and that publication was still on course.” -The Craft, pp. 164, 165.

“The campaign to stop publication escalated. Masons in law enforcement had both Morgan and Miller prosecuted for small debts. Morgan’s home was illegally searched while he was in jail. A crowd, comprising Masons from as far away as Buffalo and even Canada, gathered to mount a raid on Miller’s print shop and soon afterwards, there was a night-time arson attack on the shop.” -The Craft, p.165.

Morgan screams bloody murder

“Early the next day, Monday September 11, 1826, Morgan was arrested for stealing a shirt and cravat. The following evening two men arrived to release him, claiming that they had paid off his debt. Morgan was suspicious, but agreed to go with them. Minutes later, just outside the jail, he was heard screaming ‘Murder! Murder! Murder!’ as he was bundled into a carriage.” -The Craft, p.165.

In 1848, Henry L. Valance allegedly confessed on his deathbed to taking part in Morgan’s murder, a purported event recounted in chapter two of Reverend C. G. Finney‘s anti-Masonic book The Character, Claims, and Practical Workings of Freemasonry (1869).[34]

Freemasons murder William Morgan and anti-Masonry is born

That was the last time that Bro. Morgan was seen alive as a free man. When citizen vigilance committees looked into the matter Freemasonry came intense scrutiny that persists to this day. William Morgan’s body was never found and several Freemasons were criminally prosecuted as a result. Because of the Morgan affair anti-Masonic fervor increased to the point of anti-Masonic organizations, publications and political parties being formed.

illustration from the craft by john dickie purports show moment william morgan kidnapped
The kidnapping of William Morgan. -The Craft, p. 173

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.