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High School Classmates Become Digital Content Creators on Facebook

Many of my old high school friends have become digital content creators. Just by digitizing old images and posting them on Facebook you in effect become a digital content creator. I appreciate all the work people have done when they do the work of digitizing old photographs. So here is my senior class photo along with some more modern images that I have curated for your viewing pleasure.

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The function of digital content creators is to influence as many eyeballs as possible. There is so much new content available that it is difficult to keep up with. The goal is for these images to end up on your cell phone:

I have always said that it is better to create your own Facebook than to give your free time as a digital content creator to Facebook. But there I was this morning, having an emotional connection at a classmate’s posting of our 1974 senior class photograph on Facebook. By becoming active on Facebook again I realized that I needed to create my LegalNoodle business page on FB. As I have been friending my old HS classmates, they had been checking out my business page and I received a notification of such from FB.


When I am alone, I am meditating and I am fine. Unfortunately, when I am around people I can no longer function at an adequate level due to my auto immune disorder. My tongue does not work properly. I get confused and angry. My deteriorating body was custom made for social isolation during this pandemic. Now I can just pray and meditate everyone into perfect health and well being.

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I never thought I would admit it but, Facebook can be an excellent source of emotional social connection.

Healing Digital Content Creator

The way to become fully healed is to love every person that you are not. Ten years ago I asked God to give me the same wisdom and knowledge that comes naturally to women. As a result, God taught me to feel. God taught me to really feel the gushing of love coming up from within my heart and out into my body.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.