Peeling the Polished Mask of My Hidden Rage

Dissolving the Defensive Mask of Personality

It has been very difficult and painful work these past few decades however I have finally managed to slowly shed my well polished mask of hidden rage. Layer by layer my exquisitely crafted self-delusion unfolds and falls away.


Ten years ago I saw myself as the infantile neurotic that I really was while raging at the landlord over defective utilities. It has been years of hard work and so I began this blog at six a.m. as an exercise to remind myself to shed my mask of grandiose and humorous personality before I go to breakfast with the brothers.

Growing up I was taught by my family to use the mask of personality as a defense mechanism. It has taken decades of hard work on myself to come to this simple realization. Now I am shedding the useless mask of my rat brain personality. No longer do I feel the emotional need to verbally express every thought that pops into my consciousness. Talking has become manual labor for me these days and so I would rather just blog my thoughts. This blog functions more as an emotional journal than journalism per se. I just want to blow my personality off.

mask of personality

Emotionally Violent Senior Citizens

Last night Clement called me up and asked to come over to my apartment to “show me some papers.” Like a pushover I said yes, full well knowing what a con artist Clement is. Realizing my mistake I went over to his apartment instead so that I could excuse myself after I heard his bullshit. Clement had the audacity to accuse a manager at our continuing care retirement community of theft. He showed me the letters from management documenting his ridiculous complaint. Clement let me read several letters from management about his questionable conduct. I told Clement to grow up and get a hobby. His mask of personality was vomiting infantile logic and so I left. I feel good about it now because if he had of been in my apartment I would have had to suffer his repugnant presence longer that five minutes.

The Liberation of Emotional Awareness

Thank God I found Dr. Paul McDuff Allen and Ann Bradney because they introduced me to the concept of the mask of personality as taught by Wilhelm Reich. Ann bottles it up and sells it as Radical Aliveness Core Energetics. Core Energetics radically transformed my life in 2010 by giving me the skills to unfold as a more pure and authentic human being.