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In the movie 33 And Beyond: The Royal Art of Freemasonry one of my brothers states that he became a Freemason because he was obsessed with death from a very young age. The reason that I became a Freemason is because from a very young age I was obsessed with God and Divine Light. Secret Masonic ritual is a initiation symbolizing death and rebirth into the light.

The “G” Stands for God

The “G” In the Masonic Logo Stands for God

The reason I became a Freemason is because the G in the Masonic logo stands for God. Masonry is one of my many spiritual experiences on the journey of my quest for Divine Light. In 1991 I met a woman named Jaclyn Stein Henderson who introduced me to the Emissaries of Divine Light at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. The Emissaries stress silence and at that time it was a concept I very much needed to learn but I was incapable of toning down my personality at that time. Now thirty years later I am finally grasping the spiritual practice of silence because I have Myasthenia gravis and it is difficult for me to speak.

Emotional Healing

Freemasonry and the Emissaries both stress the emotional component of spirituality. Freemasonry talks about restraining the passions and the Emissaries teach withdrawal of emotional attention by identifying one’s emotional triggers.

Behind all emotions is the universal power of love

Teaching and Practices of the Emissaries of Divine Light from Wikipedia:

Emissaries of Divine Light teach that the key to creative living is the individual’s openness to the source of universal power and intelligence within them, and that human emotions either connect a person to that source or cut them off from it.[42] The educational programs of the Emissaries are designed to assist people to find out what has been emotionally triggering them, so that they can withdraw their emotional attention from the trigger and turn it to the life force within them.[43] The Emissaries believe that behind all emotions is the universal power of love and a universal intelligence that bring spiritual enlightenment. They teach that through deliberate conscious thought a person can let their own emotional current purify, so that they open themselves to the flow of the universal power and intelligence within them.[44]

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