We Are All The Same


Why did Moses deify consciousness? God revealed the nature of reality as consciousness and Moses chose to put a veil over it. Moses covered up consciousness with the veil of religions law. Then Mo claimed that consciousness was the special gift of “God’s Chosen People.” What a gifted salesman Moses was. The divinity of Christ consciousness is unveiled and eternally available to those with the right credentials. I possess the credentials of life-long spiritual learning. I also have some certificates from the Holy Roman Catholic Church which I have been leveraging these days. The Holy Spirit is guiding me to type out these words to tell you that we’re all the same. The answers are free right here right now by quieting the mind and practicing meditation. Your own God will come to you with or without credentials. Let your consciousness be your credentials to discover the divine Christ mind that is and was always there.

divinityDivine Message:divinity in order

We Are All the Same

We are all the same underneath the hood. We all have the same brain. The divinity is in the order. The God is in the details of what you are doing on this Saturday afternoon. God is combing my life with the cleansing power of higher consciousness. Meditation requires a meditative space. Meditation takes a few years to demonstrate any practical results so the sooner you get serious about meditation the sooner you will be able to manipulate reality with your brain. Just like I do. Reality is a constructed concept. This purpose of this article is to create a new divine reality that will inspire you to jump up and do your own thing. 

Divine Gratitude

Here is my expression of Holy Gratitude for my meditative living space in the desert. I went from the ghetto to the resort. The divinity is in the order. My spiritual development has been accelerated by living in this magnificent resort villa with private backyard. Freedom. I don’t need to be out purchasing a branded lifestyle from the commercial “gay” vending machine. Say goodbye to the machine and say hello to divinity. What else could be more important than God?  Playing poker and watching football are cool I know lots of Catholics and Christians who are into cards and sports. My God directs me to the mystical experience of the Body of Christ in me and in you. You are the face of God so let it shine in everything you do. The divinity is in the order of my worship and devotion to God and you. This is my sacred service: Prayer and meditation are the only thing that will provide you with reality.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.