How Many Degrees From Mike Domino Are You?

TWO DEGREES FROM Wor. MIKE DOMINO: The Doan Family Investigators

September 23, 2020 UPDATE: For a few months this Doan Family Investigators blog was set on private so that only I would be able to see it. Now, since I am still receiving suspicious emails trying to get me to engage in the unauthorized practice of law, I have set this post back on public because David Doan, Mike Diamond, or some other operative related to them is probably sending fraudulent emails to entrap me. Ten years after the fact I am piecing together the undercover operation that I have now named the Domino Theory.

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The Non-Existent Ambassador Club

After I had been raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, Bro. Mike Domino informed me that I now needed to be initiated into the Ambassadors Club to obtain any further advanced degrees in Masonry. To that end Wor. Domino sent me on a wild goose chase related to this so-called Ambassadors Club. After suffering much heartbreak it turns out that there was no such thing as the Ambassador Club. It was a dangerous attempt to get me in bed with undercover confidential informants linked to former Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan.

doan family investigators
David Doan PGM, wore these same ugly shoes to the IHOP when he conducted his undercover “interview” of me

In 2010 the Doan family investigators David and Terri surreptitiously interviewed me. They pretended to be a couple seeking a divorce. This undercover investigation occurred at the International House of Pancakes down the street from Los Angeles International Airport in Westchester, California. At that time I had no idea who either of them were. Now I have become a freelance private investigator myself. Former LAPD Deputy Chief David R. Doan is the head of a vast and deep ten year interloping into my life by private freelance undercover investigators. The immensity of their operation is staggering. I am still figuring out the details years and even decades later.

Now it turns out that it all began in Santa Monica with Wor. Mike Domino. In 2010 Bro. Domino had me doing things like going to downtown L.A. on a Friday evening, paying for expensive parking, and attempting to find a meeting in a locked office building. When I called Wor. Domino he stated that the Ambassador Club Meeting had been cancelled. I could have been killed in a wreck on the busy freeways or even possibly murdered in a mugging. Then another time Domino had me go to a fabulous house up off of Mullholland where a young undercover police officer tried to get me involved in the illicit gold trade. I could have been killed. Never work as an assistant in the legal profession unless it is for a reputable member of the California State Bar.

former lapd deputy chief detectives david r doan

Never Obtain a California Legal Document Assistant Permit – Only Work for an Attorney as a Certified Paralegal

Starting a business as an LDA is a slippery slope and I advise against it. Only work for an attorney as a certified litigation paralegal. When I met the Doan family of investigators I was working as a Legal Document Assistant preparing divorce forms for indigent clients. David R. Doan represented that he was living at the Midnight Mission located downtown. I vaguely remember that I felt sorry for him and gave him his dissolution paperwork for half price. I do remember that Terri Doan made a remark about the ridiculous sweats I was wearing that day. I made a terrible choice of wardrobe because I had just changed into my new Russell Athletic wear grey sweat outfit. I was simply thinking that since I was doing their divorce for half price I wouldn’t have to sweat putting on a coat and tie. In retrospect I see that Terri Doan was intentionally pushing my buttons to get me to react.

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How Many Degrees From Mike Domino Are You?

Continually searching Google by image only is an important digital detective tool. For the past two weeks I have been imagining the face of Terri Doan. I had no idea who she was. I only remember her from her provocative remarks to me in the crowded airport restaurant all those years ago. It is important to perform detailed investigative work going through hundreds of images on the Internet. One of the digital detectives most important tools is searching images on Google. It is also important to have a good memory. I found out who David R. Doan was with images. Because I trusted Mike Domino I didn’t realize the ridiculousness of the Ambassador Club until ten years later. The Masons don’t have an Ambassador Club as an advanced degree. The whole thing was made up to harm me. How many degrees from Mike Domino are you?


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