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Using Straight Actors For Gay Tantra


The whole time I have known sexologist Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN he has leveraged his therapeutic relationship with shaman and actor Michael Filipowich to give himself credibility as a tantric workshop teacher.  The doctor always omits the fact that he pays Filipowich.  Dr. Allen leads people to believe that he is in a personal relationship with Filipowich and he is not.  Filipowich is totally heterosexual.  A lot of straight actors service gay needs because that is where the money is. 

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The Last Time I Saw Dr. Allen

The only thing I don’t currently have in life is the ability to run around naked at the beach or in the desert.  I am sitting naked in my apartment recalling in amazement the fact that actor Michael Filipowich refused to take his clothes off at a nudist seminar.  In 2014 Dr. Allen gave a tantric sex workshop at Camp Shalom in Malibu.  Actor and shaman Michael Filipowich was Dr. Allen’s main teaching assistant for this workshop.


The last time I ever saw Dr. Allen he was telling his same old story about how Filipowich was ejected from a CMEN nudist gathering for refusing to take his clothes off.  Sitting in my villa with a picture of actor Michael Filipowich on his iPhone he tells the story of Filipowich and laughs.  Nobody is laughing with him.  I am sitting on my couch holding up two fingers.  Filipowich didn’t take his clothes off at a second CMEN gathering at which I was present.  Filipowich was not ejected by John Herriot on the occasion because it was just too much work for Herriot.  Filipowich was a real let down for me at that point.  I sat and simmered on the sidelines as Dr. Allen gave a workshop at a nudist retreat where everyone was naked except for the actor.  What a bogus presentation by the good doctor.


Doing my morning work out walk in the park I thought about Filipowich and his twelve year shamanic relationship with Dr. Allen.  It would be nice if I could find some seventy-five year-old men to have a paying shamanic relationship with.  I would even take of my clothes and give them what they really want like I did with Dr. Allen.

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Two years ago I made a deal with the universe.  In exchange for all the secrets of the universe, known and unknown,  I promised not to ever see Dr. Allen again or accept money from him in exchange for sexual services.  It is working.  My new relationship with the universe has cause me to become chaste once again.  If a spiritual relationship happens, that is permissible.  However I now longer go out looking for it.

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The whole time I was with Dr. Allen I was jealous that he paid don Miguel Filipowich more money and and booked more visits with Filipowich than me.  Dr. Allen is still probably paying Filipowich for his shamanic healing and running around showing his photographs to gay men alluding to a personal relationship.  

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.