Beauty and the Beast on the New York Subway 

One evening on the subway a tall teenage Puerto Rican girl saw Dr Allen and made Shrek ears on her head with her fingers.  She did it politely behind his back so that only her friends could see and giggle.  She was very cute the way she bugged her eyeballs out and wiggled her twin index fingers pointing up into the air.  The clever girl made me smile and wistfully imagine my partner Paul Allen, obgyn as Shrek.  Me and Dr Allen, Beauty and the Beast. 

dr paul allen obgyn

I was sitting across the crowded car and so she didn’t realize that we were together.  It was perfectly NY in it’s brevity and completeness.  In any less interesting city the kids probably would have laughed all the way until the next stop but barreling uptown on the New York subway even a freak like Dr. Paul “Shrek” Allen doesn’t garner that much attention because there is always something new and more interesting coming around the next corner. 

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New York is the only place I felt really comfortable in public hanging out with Dr. Paul “Shrek” Allen, M.D.  His eyes bug out, his lower lip protrudes like a comic book character and he only wears short pants no matter what the weather or time of day or year.  I always used to think of us as Beauty and the Beast. 

One balmy October day while riding in a taxi Dr Allen pointed and said, “That’s where Ann Bradney had her Core Energetics practice when she was here.”  Turning my head I had a kaleidoscopic vision and experience of my entire trip distilled into one quintessential New York moment.  It came in through my upper left eye like EMDR enlightenment.  New York . . . yellow taxi’s . . . Ann Bradney . . . 

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I anchored on Ann Bradney and put a lot of magic onto her.  Dr Allen and I first hooked up in her Santa Monica studio when she still rented it out by the hour. When I finally met Ann in person it was a tremendous let down.  In all fairness, she was probably disappointed in me too. I have never known any man to be good enough for Ann Bradney.  Dr Allen wasn’t good enough for Ann but I had a great time with him.

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Montgomery Taylor

Both times we were in New York together Dr Allen insisted that I have a session with his astrologer Montgomery Taylor, the so-called Joseph Campbell of Astrology.  In addition to my astrological readings with Mr. Taylor he tutored me like Professor Henry Higgins tutored Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.  Monty Taylor and I are both from Tobacco Road.

Called “the Joseph Campbell of Astrology,” Jungian-Style Astrologer and Mythologist Monty Taylor shares his insights and wisdom of astrological energies and their mythologies to steer us toward awareness and alignment with our true  paths. 

dr paul allen obgyn