Gay For Pay

One of the most radical things that my mentor Dr. Allen ever taught me was how to get paid for having sex with him.  I didn’t really like being a male prostitute, even to a licensed gynecologist, and I wouldn’t recommend it.  I only did it because a real doctor taught me how.  Dr. Allen wasn’t really capable of sex per se.  Like most men what he really wants to do to me is kiss me.  Old men try to kiss me wherever I go. Dr. Paul Allen was really paying me for intimacy.  He called it sacred intimacy.  I call it paid companionship.  Being gay for pay with Dr. Allen was one of the greatest adventures of my life.  My two years with the scatological gynecologist were a priceless sexual education that I still use to this day.  

pay to kiss

Emotional Intimacy

What I was really charging Dr. Allen for was emotional intimacy.  It was a good deal for the both of us.  The good doctor helped me transition full circle from novice to tantrika to celibacy.  I had to fuck my brains out to get sex out of my system. Now I can meditate in supreme solitude in blissful silence.

Ann Bradney

Dr. Allen will probably be at Ann Bradney’s Radical Aliveness Core Energetics fundraiser on August 20, 2018.  It is only $35.00 and would be a blast for me to attend if I knew for sure that Paul would be there.  I lived in a cheap motel a few blocks from the location and never even went to any of the free Community Nights there. I got the whole RACE program for free from Dr. Allen and reading Wilhelm Reich books like The Murder of the Christ.

gay for pay


Most of the time I would leave RACE Community Nights immediately when they ended, without talking to anyone or even saying a half-hearted fake goodbye.  I would run home and spiritually process my Ann Bradney Communty NIghts with solitary meditation.  It felt good and productive. 

radical discrimination

Dr. Scat

So many life changing experiences have occurred surrounding Dr. Allen and Core Energetics that I am still processing them.  That is what this blog is all about.  I am now celibate and remembering how Dr. Allen would pay me to lay with him and kiss him. I don’t do anything like that anymore.  Dr. Allen used to have me pee in his mouth and I didn’t really like it.  Now remembering it I hate it.  Dr. Allen, obgyn wanted me to shit in his mouth but I could never do it.  I didn’t want to shit in his mouth because he would want to kiss me and I didn’t want to eat my own feces.