Fuck Ann Bradney

One day during my sexological bodyworker program the instructor Dr. Paul McDuff Allen, OBGYN, emphatically stated: “Fuck Ann Bradney.” The good doctor meant to fuck Ann Bradney in many different ways; literally, metaphorically and mythologically speaking. At one of her Radical Aliveness Core Energetics (RACE) Community Nights she advocated the use of withholding lawful marital sex as a power tool. That should be illegal. Her student Mike had just been arrested for soliciting prostitution and wanted to talk about it. There was a twenty something girl who wanted to engage men in sexual dynamics. I stated my intention to become a sexual healer. But Ann didn’t address any of this. Ann Bradney and Patricia Hamon just did their boring unlicensed therapy thing. That level of incompetence should be illegal. Fuck Ann Bradney.

fuck ann bradney
Ann Bradney as Sexual Surrogate

Dr. Allen is from Providence, Rhode Island but he relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi to be near his Coast Guard lover Mark. Mark never acknowledged Dr. Allen and the good doctor’s love went unrequited. In an effort to understand his same sex attraction Dr. Allen began an intensive program of self-exploration and discovery.

I prefer this over any guy, even if the guy is rich!

Dr. Allen started studying Core Energetics with Ann Bradney in New York. When Ann relocated to Los Angeles Dr. Allen wanted to continue working with her. In 2008 Dr. Allen relocated from Biloxi, Mississippi to Los Angeles, California to participate in Ann Bradney’s Core Energetics Radical Aliveness Four Year Certification Program.

Finally fucking Ann Bradney has healed me of my deviant ways.

Love Child

Dr. Allen had a dream that he had actor David Sutcliff’s baby. Ann Bradney evaluated the good doctor as unacceptable material to proceed from his second hear studies to the full four year Core Energetics Radical Aliveness Certification Program.

ann bradney radical aliveness
Redheads are very attentive lovers in my experience and Ann is no exception

Dr. Allen was crushed that he was not allowed to complete the four year curriculum. However Ann’s rejection of Dr. Allen turned out to be a good thing for me because it freed up time for my sexological bodyworker and emotional intimacy instruction.

radical sex therapy

Finally Fucking Ann Bradney

Ann has never acknowledged or said anything about my public intention to become a sexual healer. It was a spontaneous utterance that came true. My healing has manifested. I went through a “second gay adolescence” and came out the other side alive. Dr. Allen’s emotional intimacy training has made me a better lover. Now I am ready better prepared to be a 62 year old heterosexual double heart surgery survivor. Ann never engaged with me at her Communty Nights or commented on my stated intention to sexually heal so fuck Ann Bradney.

fucking ann bradney
Fucking Ann Bradney At Last!