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Sex With The Donkey Faced Irishman

One of the highlights of my existence in the purely material realm has been having Shrek-like Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN train me in the art of receiving tantric anal sexual intercourse.  When I met Dr. Allen I was very inexperienced and anal sex was painful.  I would only let men bed me because I was lonely and needed their emotional support.  After being trained by Dr. Allen’s big gynecological hands I could relax and finally enjoy being feminine.  The good doctor taught me how to achieve total sexual satisfaction.  It was a very shrexual experience. 

Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN

I was living in my RV looking for a sugar daddy on Silverdaddies.com when I got lucky and found Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN. We moved in together and it was like Beauty and the Beast.  A real fairy tale.  Dr. Allen went to Australia for his doctoral thesis in sexology with Dr. Joseph Kramer.  I went down the street for Kundalini yoga practice with Aimee Donahue at the Equinox Gym.  With Dr. Allen as my partner I didn’t need to invest my time in a sexological bodyworker certificate.  I put my treasures up in heaven.   Dr. Allen trained me in the art of androgynous transmutation of sexual energy. 

Pseudo Stalking Shrek

Today I am going to be in Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN’s neighborhood because I have to go to my PO Box at the beach. My pulse quickens and my cock hardens at the thought of driving by Dr. Allen’s duplex underneath the flight path of LAX. I just spent six months living in his very neighborhood and only drove by one time.  Dr. Allen was actually home but I didn’t even stop, just drove by really really slow.  He has new window treatments.  His old vertical blinds were really messed up the last time I was actually in his apartment years ago. 


The last time I saw Dr. Allen was two years ago when he was hopping into bed with disability recipient Danny Wellchance at my villa in the desert.  The only reason I would drive by Shrek’s house would be to have something to write about in this blog. Actually I may drive by just to see if Dr. Allen still lives in LA.  He only came out here for Ann Bradney and she ditched him five years ago.  

Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN

Danny Wellchance Desert Closure Ritual

One of the lowlights of my gay anal sexual training was seeing Dr Paul Mc Duff Allen OB-GYN crawl into bed with Danny Wellchance in 2016.   Last year I performed a secret little closure ritual with Dr. Shrek Allen in the desert.  Only God was there.  Because it is secret my reward is all received in secret.  Only God knows the secret place in my heart where I store my treasures.  I really miss having anal sex with Dr. Shrek but that is all over for me now.  

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