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Adult Day Care

Dysfunctional Family

Have you ever seen addiction therapist John Bradshaw’s Family Dynamics Mobile illustrating the emotionally dysfunctional family? The constant bad acting of one or two dysfunctional members of a retirement home can often times keep the entire continuing care retirement community out-of-whack.

The Family Dynamics Mobile is used to demonstrate that the constant counter-motion of the most emotionally dysfunctional member of the unit keeps the entire system forever out-of-balance.

In my opinion the most emotionally dysfunctional member of the home makes the entire home crazy like a Family Dynamics Mobile knocked askew by the problem child.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

Living in my continuing care retirement community reminds of the Bradshaw family dynamics mobile when it is wildly spinning around and bouncing up and down at the same time. The vibe at the home for decrepit Freemasons is controlled by the most dysfunctional members, Dean Arnell and Irv Lieber.

dean arnell
Brother Butt Wipe Preaching to a Captive Audience

I love bad actors because they only make me look good

I love assholes because all I have to do is sit back and relax while the repugnant characters act out and make me look good. When I first moved into the home before I knew Dean Arnell everyone said that Arnell was an asshole and I said: “Maybe so but you shouldn’t say it so loud, he is sitting right next to us.” Ernie and Michael Picano said that they didn’t care if Arnell heard them calling him an asshole and a hypocrite loudly in the dining hall.

is dean arnell an asshole or a butt wipe?
Brother Butt Wipe With His Hand In His Pocket on Thanksgiving Day 2019
Shout It Out Loud!

A few weeks later I was shouting it out loud myself in the dining hall at breakfast: “Dean Arnell is an asshole! Dean Arnell Is An Asshole!!” DEAN ARNELL IS AN ASSHOLE!!!” Just then Jennifer walked into the dining hall and I’m sure she could hear me all the way down to her office. Jen walked up to my table and said: “Assholes are perfectly functional and necessary however Butt Wipes can be used once and thrown away so maybe you should call him a Butt Wipe instead.”

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