Easter Man Rising

Easter sunrise finds the cult of one daily bather in the steam room.  Flexing his spine and opening up his mind.  Practicing kundalini breath of fire upside down at 6:00 a.m.  Head stand breath of fire in the steam room? 

The intensity of my practice has caused dormant portions of my brain to open up and activate. I’m like the the main characters in the movies Lawnmower Man or Lucy. Scientific kundalini yoga has finally made a real tantric out of me.  I am Easter Man!  I’m two yogi’s in one. I am Lucy and I am the Lawnmower Man. Shiva Shakti Rising!

Kiss My Aura

Words are no longer necessary for me to feel the auric energy of woman. My understanding of woman is now my understanding of myself. I feel like Shiva Shakti union personified. Better for me to write about samadhi here in this blog than to explain it to a high holy kundalini priestess draped in cream linen and white gauze.

I don’t talk to people with spoken words about Christ Consciousness, I don’t think I should utter my kundalini experiences either, only write them. My ideas are too deep for most people. I am in this world, but not of it. I like it this way. I need vast amounts of alone time for my emotional health and well-being. 

Industrial California Beach Town

Funky El Segundo bordering Inglewood, California chose me to live here. Any town with a beach attached is okay by me. This funky neighborhood reached out of the Internet and grabbed me with its affordability. Today I live on the south runway of LAX, yesterday I loved on the north runway.

The word Internet should always be capitalized, but those words will never leave my lips as guttural utterances. You will have to read me here, I’m not going out in the real world very much anymore. I like being an old man getting older. My new motel has a balcony just like Martin Luther King’s motel on that day in April when MLK got kicked off the planet for being a radical yogi. MLK should have stayed on the Internet where it’s safe. 


I have come to the heady realization that at age 61, I have already joined all of the tribes I am ever going to join. I didn’t even go to Agape this morning because I am burned out on New Age woo woo religion for now. Plus Easter and Christ-Mass services are packed to the rafters with twice-a-year-churchgoers.

The only thing that does attract me to Agape is the social capital, social intimacy. If I did attend a service at Agape, it is only right to tithe a minimum of $20.00 to go sit there and breathe air. Instead of giving my money to Ricki BB & Micki B, I will enjoy $12.95 Prime Rib at Boston Market on Sepulveda and La Tierja, on the north runway of LAX later on this Easter afternoon

Solitary Daily Bather

What kind of tribe do you want to create today? This is the tribe of the daily bather. I clean my minds with meditation and and my body with steam every morning. After that I let my soul fly in the warm California sun.