This afternoon I wore my sheepskin slippers to the laundromat. I’ve also worn my slippers to the gym and the supermarket. I’m getting up the courage to wear my bath robe in public. Bath robe and slippers of course. My eccentric new image will be congruent with my esoteric beliefs. Just call me the American Tantrika.

eccentric Tantrika

My gynecologist and mentor Dr. Paul Allen used to call me a Tantrika. We used to wear our bath robes a lot when we spent time together. Dr. Allen is a very eccentric character. That is why I am obsessed with him. Dr. Allen’s mind and conversation excite me, but his face and body repulse me. In my bizarre relationship history, Dr. Paul Allen is probably the singlemost transformative person I have ever had the good fortune to encounter.

Dr. Paul allen

Esoteric Eccentric

Tantra is a huge concept which can be briefly defined as the esoteric body of knowledge and practice of Hinduism and Buddhism. We practice a few tantric asanas in Kundalini yoga. Being a Tantrika requires a lifetime of study and practice. The hard work is well worth it. I am safely in the world and comfortably not a part of it. ¬†Interconnected to everyone and dependent upon no one, I prefer to be alone with God. Lately I have been talking a lot less. I don’t answer questions from strangers on the street anymore.

Eccentric blogger

Now that I understand women better, I am talking to them less and enjoying them more. I can feel that I have reclaimed a lot of my power that I previously just gave away to girls.Today in the laundromat I empowered myself by refusing to engage a sad sick forty year old street woman in her psychosis. If I’m going to talk to a woman she has to be rich and have a nice house. I am an eccentric man who is only interested in higher companions. ¬†