We Are Failing Our Precious Little Children!


Tear Down the Temple of the Sword Along With the Confederate Civil War Statues

Who is watching out for the emotional and psychological well-being of the little Sikh children? The Sikh temple brawlers in Indiana are not cooperating with the local law enforcement investigation of the violence in the heartland.  We are failing our children, our society and ourselves.  Religious festivals reenacting military battles is medieval and outdated. Eliminate this Sikh public sword play after you tear down the Confederate Civil War statues and American Indian monuments that offend you so deeply. Our planet does not need children to be trained as sword waving religious fanatics. It is wrong to train little children to be Sikh brawlers. Stop the Sikhs from teaching hatred and fighting to their children. This Sikh sword bullshit is not cool!

Sikh Dharma is Turkish History Drama

The turban wearing Sikhs became their turban wearing Turkish enemies. It’s a turban thing. If it looks like an angry person in a turban, walks like an angry person in a turban, acts like a an angry person in a turban, and sounds like an angry person in a turban, it is an angry person in turban. Sikhs are angry people who wear turbans. Their Sikh religion requires them to carry a sword at all times. They can never cut their hair or beards. It’s no wonder they are so pissed off all the time.


Have you ever been to a Sikh Temple? Sikh chanting is much louder than a Buddhist temple. Check out the YouTube videos of Sikh Temple Brawling, the worship services are loud. Sikh festivals are loud with young children’s war cries. Sikh Temples are thunderous with little children chanting in battle formation while brandishing their swords.

where is your free thinking

temple girl
Yoga Studio Brawling 

The Sikh mindset is very confrontational. I felt it the moment I walked in the door at Yoga West. Cold, staring women draped in trendy religious fashion. Sikh women dress to make themselves look taller than they are. Kundalini yoga teachers self-identify as lion-hearted Sikh women doing battle against anyone who comes into their yoga studio who they don”t like. That’s okay for them to do, it is their yoga studio. If Kundalini yoga teachers want to attack paid adult students, it’s the student’s fault for getting involved with a bunch of fake fakirs. But should Kundalini and Sikh women be allowed to also teach their little children to hate?

teaching sikh hate children

Cult of Violence

Violence just creates more violence in a never ending vicious cycle of brawling and warfare. The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India is the center of Sikh militancy.  In 1981 the Sikh’s assassinated Indira Ghandi. In 1984 the Indian Military took over the Sikh Golden Temple in Operation Bluestar. Thirty years later the Sikhs fought against themselves at the Golden Temple. Now Sikhs are brawling in New York and the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana in Los Estados Unidos. The Sikhs have been preaching armed violence for over five hundred years. Will the Sikh sword fights and brawling prepare this kid for a life in prison?

Sikhness is On Me

When Adarsh was excommunicating me from the Sikh religion I asked her not to because I needed something to do with my time. I needed to fill the hours of my day. I paid for a membership in Sikhdom because I needed adult day care.  Since I have been kicked out of the new sport of Sikh Temple Brawling all I do to occupy my time is write these Sikh blogs.

I feel like I got a stabbed with a dirty sword infected with a medieval religious disease. Nowadays Sikhs scare me just like the black Madonna on my Grandmother’s living room altar in East Los Angeles. Baroque. Voodoo. Guru Wuwu.  I never even knew who Dya Kaur was until February 18, 2018. The Kaur Sisters tried to excommunicate me totally anonymously. I only found out who Dya was when she substituted for Guru Singh two months ago. When I found out my nemesis muse is a failed artist I was motivated to find out why she kicked me out of Kundalini yoga. Everything really is God, I just have to look hard enough.

I already had my meditation practice when I came to Yoga West. I just wanted to learn kundalini yogi eyeball movements. I already had my God when I came to Robertson Boulevard, I just wanted to learn advanced spiritual technology. I paid my money and God gave me my spiritual technology. It just didn’t come from Yoga West. Yoga West didn’t deliver very much yoga. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.