Born Again Awareness

Emotional Awareness

My parents unintentionally taught me emotional ignorance and God taught me emotional awareness. My personal consciousness is reunited with universal consciousness in yoga. Yoga is unmediated reality. Yoga is pure unadorned reality unfettered by my conditioned mind. Emotional awareness is a component of universal consciousness.

social hygiene relationshipsPrimetime AA

Primetime Alcoholics Anonymous was my portal into total recovery of my relationship with the universe. There are no problems now only pure consciousness. Formless unconditioned pure conscious energy. There are no gurus and no meetings. There are not even really any yoga classes for me now.  My kundalini yoga practice is perfect. I spent years investing in things like yoga and meditation that are now paying off with this new emotional awareness. The AA gurus from my recent past no longer interest me. My AA associates are all leading their own sub-cults of Primetime AA. Speaking at AA is a lot of work for free. 

feminine intuition cosmic consciousnessCore Energetics

Core Energetics and body release work played an integral part in my new union with God. The most important part of Radical Aliveness Core Energetics was meeting the right people who helped me to push my yoga breathing into authenticity. My life is about going deeper.

Body of Christ

My new relationship with the Cosmic Christ is opening me up to a new level of emotional awareness. God is giving me remedial character development lessons. My intuition is getting stronger and stronger. The body of Christ is making me new in emotional life and love. This all came to me this morning walking through the park at five o’clock a.m. in the morning. My parents never accepted themselves. My mom and dad didn’t have any authentic inner life. Everything was externalized. The body of Christ has given me a new inner life, a new strength. Here I am blogging away creating this resource to tell you that your inner life is what is important.