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Emotional Change Happens During Novel Experiences or Emotional Experiences

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Emotional Change During Sex

Your brain only creates new neural networks during novel or emotional experiences. This is according to Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book Evolve Your Brain. We spend our lives seeking sexual pleasure and the emotional change it brings about. By engaging in numerous pleasurable homosexual experiences I morphed myself from bisexual to homosexual. Emotional change can go both ways. Now I am morphing from homosexual to pansexual.

Prince and David Bowie brought about a lot of emotional change in me by making it fashionable to be bisexual in the seventies and eighties. During sex the brain evolves faster than normal. Tantric masturbation uses sexual energy to facilitate massive emotional change and transformation. 

Sometimes we need healthy emotional change when the staus quo is not working. I realize I have been using denial and lies to myself to justify my behavior. Actor Marlon Brando says in audio tapes he made that: “The first person the con man cons is himself.” I feel the frog who is waking up in a pot of boiling water. I feel like a frog waking up in hell. I am a soft gentle asexual amphibian waking up in the hot homosexual hell of Palm Springs. By simply refreshing myself with heterosexual thoughts I am floating into stillness by practicing tantra. Visualizing feminine perfection winding her kundalini energy.

Awareness Brings Emotional Change

How much of your time is spent doing what you can to be happy? And how much time do you spend unhappy? Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is the main purpose in all you do, as has been true for people throughout history. But look around at human suffering: Why aren’t we better of at solving emotional problems by now? Emotional intelligence is the answer. Emotional intelligence is the last frontier of self-awareness, our least understood faculty. Emotional work and chakra balancing are the pinnacle of healing and recovery.

Emotional Change Through Chakra Meditation

I am my visualized experience of kundalini energy meditating up my chakras into union with consciousness. My happiness is no longer dependent on my circumstances. My happiness is internally controlled. This is difficult and takes years of kundalini yoga and meditation. Feeling is believing. You think you know what you think, but you really only know what you feel. It is possible to bring about your own emotional change through kundalini yoga and chakra meditation.

Emotional Change: Labels Are An Illusion

Words and labels never really get to the thing itself. The word sex is not sex and the word homosexual is not really anything. You are no more gay than you are straight. You are universal consciousness evolving with these divinely inspired words.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.