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KUNDALINI RISING: Practice Conscious Control by Allowing E-Motions to Deliver Their Message

Advanced Spiritual Practice:

Chakra Meditation Includes Emotional Content

chakra medtationYou may be experienced at approaching meditation through thought and not with emotional content. Perhaps you have intentionally left emotional content out of your meditation, that is okay, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. When I am meditating with my third eye chakra I am emotionally involved with my mind’s eye.

Control Emotion by Allowing Emotion 

Now that you are becoming more and more emotionally intelligent and aware, you can welcome your emotions into your meditative experience as a valid, essential and necessary part of the process. You can control your emotions by allowing them to deliver their information and achieve their God-given purpose. After the messenger has delivered the message she usually leaves right? If you have invited a lovely messenger to stay by giving her healthy permission allowing her to hang around then that is practicing perfectly sound emotional intelligence and I am proud of you.

Train Your Emotional Content to Stay in the Chakra Groove

emotional meditationTrain what you do with your thoughts. Train your mind to stop engaging in negative thought cycles by immediately stopping a negative thought and rewinding it. Don’t defile your own mind by fantasizing about your enemies persecuting you. Quiet your mind by taking the higher consciousness and returning your troubled mind to the baseline consciousness of neutral mind. Christ consciousness means practicing unconditional love and forgiveness inside your head first and foremost. Visualize your life force meditating up through your chakras with the emotional element added to your practice.

Feel the purity that comes with treating your consciousness divinely. The Holy Bliss of Golden Solitude rewards your devotion to higher consciousness with physical peace of mind.  

PARADOX PRACTICE: Control Yourself by Allowing Your Intense Feelings to Speak Their Mind

  Your mind speaks to you in words.self hatred projected
  Your body speaks to you through the five senses.
  Your soul speaks to you through emotions and you feel the answers.
  The ego-mind rushes in fast to interpret everything and be right.
  Because your ego is so energetic, you get talked out of the things you feel in order to gain social or financial success. 
You may purchase the sizzle instead of the steak by relying only upon information which is egocentric and gratifies your mind at the expense of your soul.  Your mind is not the originator, your mind is the interpreter of the deeper emotional messages of your soul. Open up and receive the Holy Spirit as the originator of your thoughts. Love. Surrender. Devotion.

completeness meditationDoes Sacred Feminine Energy Seeking Masculine Completeness Feel My Substitution?

Am I getting my emotional and spiritual needs met by one form of energy because I hallucinate that energy is not available in another more divine form?  The goal is to emotionally transmit love energy to the world.  My intention is that the feminine energy of the universe unite with my masculine energy in pure consciousness. We are separated only by our own meat egos. 

A few months ago in Santa Monica I saw two women walking arm in arm like emotional lovers. I could tell there was no lesbian vibe, I was seeing a beautiful emotional relationship of two middle-aged souls helping each other make it through another day and night in the city that never sleeps. “Emotional lesbians” I quipped to myself as I branded their California lifestyle like a Hollywood screenwriter looking for ideas. Now in the desert of solitude I find my brief encounters with feminine energy to be much deeper and universal. I am experiencing universal women in the lunchroom and the supermarket. When my emotional Intelligence and intuition increased my understanding and feeling for women also became elevated. I recognize every little desert Goddess peddling down the highway of now. 

higher intelligenceIn order to facilitate rapid personal growth I am questioning everything about myself these days. Who do I think I am and where am I going? As clinically heal my homosexual brokenness I emotionally meditate out to universal woman. The emotional content of my meditation is wholeness and completeness with cosmic feminine energy.

When I say that I came to my 12 Step program of recovery a broken man is there also a broken woman to complete my brokenness? If I feel healing in feminine presence does she feel healing as I heal my masculinity. My need for feminine energy can now be gratified other than by a flesh and blood woman. When I was a young man I desperately needed women. When I was young I had a year round wish list for my kindergarten Santa Clause God . . . 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.