FLOW: Emotion Desire Creation

Emotional Desire

The rarified canopy of heaven opens my brain in the five a.m. dawn horse brigade beginning at Victoria Park. Rare Earth Sky Pilots returning from Cambodia and the Philadelphia Experiment fly by on their way back to the Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Command Center.  The fact that I am still alive is proof that God will hand out a miracle to just about anyone. There I was minding my own business having a miserable and lonely life with my German shepherd when God just came along and loved me. Healed me. Transformed me from an alcoholic to someone still being born with the emotional desire for Holy Communion.

emotional desire

Emotional Desire Evolution

Now that I am in love with God I am better able to love myself. Now that I am better able to love myself I am better able to love you. My emotional desire is to open and deepen all of my connections. The most important lesson of my sexologist is to open up. More important than love and spirituality is opening up to receiving. I don’t even know the frequency that God is going to vibrate at. It could be the pink light on the clouds that rarified my emotional desire this morning.

christ consciousness

By the grace of God these words are flowing out in my coffee break while I write the equitable estoppel motion that will change my life. Rarified emotional desire gratified by the body of Christ in me, as me, and through me. I’m having a Joel S. Goldsmith avatar moment.

Avatar of Christ Extended Play

The Body of Christ is the Avatar of Christ unplugged and extended into me. Analog and now digital transmissions of Christ Consciousness inspired by the Rev. David Walker. The late great David Walker was a Religious Science minister in Los Angeles who taught me about God Mind in his 1980’s public access cable TV series: “There is only one thing, the mind of God, and you are a part of it.”

what does your soul look like

Zen of New Thought

I already had a Catholic education, yoga and Zen meditation practice. So what Walker did was synergize me with American New Thought. Now I am blasting off this blog to reach teenagers looking for answers to their gender politics questions: Meditate now, look at your body later. Emotional desire can wait because meditation comes first.