Emotional Rape is a Drag

drag queen expressing emotional disease

Liberation From the Emotional Disease Called CMEN

Fake Naturism: Just looking at these old photographs of Drew Searing in drag at the California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) Malibu Gathering 2014 makes my heart weep with gratitude for my own healing from the emotional disease of cross-dressing. Thanks to CMEN I have lost my obsession with women’s clothing. Thanks to CMEN I have been cured of being totally gay. 

drew searing
Fake Naturism From New Jersey: Drew Searing Lipsyncing Cher

I never liked stuck-up drag queens like Drew Searing, I only tolerated him because I like to do nude yoga in Malibu. I used to love the CMEN Camp Shalom gatherings for the two-weeks of cheap digs in paradise with 24/7 gay bathhouse action and all meals included. I always tolerated the leather camp drag and golden shower deviants as side show freaks to pure California nudism and mediation. Mere incidentals to an otherwise organic retreat into the hills four miles above Pacific Coast Highway. Now I feel that I have been emotionally raped and I can’t hold my true feelings in any longer:  I hate drag queens in my face flipping me off.  

I told both Drew Searing, John Herriot and Rick Boehle in 2014 that I hate their little drag shows at the gatherings. I hate drag even more now and I’m writing this hate blog for drag queens to tell you how pathetic you are with your depressing camp drag shows at nudist events. CMEN gatherings purport to be mandatory nudity. John has forced heterosexual non-nudist bodyworkers to leave because they refuse to get naked. If nudity is enforced how do women’s dresses get so much stage time in CMEN?  CMEN is an excuse for Drew Searing to run whatever emotional disease he needs to achieve aberrated homosexual gratification. 

emotional disease

My investigation of the private gay men’s club called CMEN reveals that John Herriot is an active trafficker of prepubescent boys. In order to prevent further investigation, Mr. Herriot is claiming that there is a mysterious unseen restraining order protecting him from public scrutiny. Herriot has enlisted PR representatives such as Drew Searing of San Diego to grease the wheels of public acceptance for deviant homosexual behavior. It is time to stand up and just say “no” to promoting cross-dressing at nudist events.  Mr. Searing, take that dress off!

gay emotional disease of hypocracy

Apply The Drew Searing Moral Code To Dean McAdams Civil Liberties: There is no restraining order preventing this writer from attending any CMEN Gatherings. Drew Searing’s video “Born on the Other Side” protesting the border wall in San Diego is leftist hypocrisy and manufactured outrage.  

My maternal grandparents and my wife were Mexican immigrants and I was born in Los Angeles.  Mr. Searing was born in New Jersey and not qualified to lecture me on moral issues related to the San Diego portion of the international border and immigration. Searing is a gay hypocrite who would deny bisexual men their basic civil liberties to protect his leftist belief system that he is morally superior.

gay equality sham

Political Agenda: Searing was present at the CMEN 2014 Planning Meeting when Rick Boehle proposed a Malibu workshop teaching gay leather fetish to twelve year-old boys. Herriott, Boele and Jeff Calvert, Esq. are misrepresenting that Charles Kenyon has a legal restraining order against CMEN members. There is no restraining order preventing anyone from attending the three CMEN gatherings coming up in 2017.  CMEN’s camp drag activities make a case for homosexuality being declared a mental disease again. Homosexuality used to be diagnosed as a mental disease but now it is not. Will Drew Searing be using political action to legalize pedophile workshops at the Malibu gatherings? Any events involving registered Megan’s Law Website convicted violent felon John Herriot must be monitored for the protection of the community.  

cross-dressing emotional disease
Jeff Calvert, Esq.

California Men Enjoying Naturism Attorney Jeff Calvert

Just because CMEN attorney Jeff Calvert, Esq. says there is a restraining order does not make it true.  A copy of any such restraining order must be served both upon the restrained person and each local law enforcement agency it is to have effect in. CMEN must not be allowed to sit around dressed up in women’s clothing representing that there are legal papers in effect preventing investigation of gay child sex trafficking. 

Emotional Disease Is Contagious at CMEN

Did you know that you can prevent mental illness by avoiding certain gay subcultures?  If you hang around a transgender barbershop long enough you will probably end up with a sex change.  Did you really want to become a circus freak or did you just like the great sex? Do not confuse fully gratifying sexual experience with the political system known as “gay”.  

Emotionally healthy sex between adult men can be a rewarding experience.  However it is wise to use caution when gay people are promoting a specific fetish such as cross-dressing, leather or golden showers. Don’t be in a big rush to cut off your dick and  become a woman.

Angry homosexual men derive sexual gratification by taunting a captive audience and subjecting them to their deviant way of life. If you attend the CMEN 2017 Fall Gathering in Malibu, California, you will be subjected to a wide array of contagious emotional disease.  Do you really want to be converted from a masculine bisexual into a caricature of a woman?

Gay Hypocrisy

Gay people are only tolerant of exactly what they want to be tolerant of, and they only want the law to apply when and where it is convenient for them. Cross-dressing at bisexual and gay nudist events is a perversion of the naturist lifestyle. Jeff Calvert in drag at California Men Enjoying Naturism events is an oxymoron. Or is it a double redundancy? How about double entendre?  CMEN is not a naturist event, it is a showcase of homosexual deviancy and emotional disease. 

drew searing emotional disease
gay easter bunny

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.