This is Now an Emotional Health and Well Being Resource for My Tribe

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Emotional Health Blog

May Day 2016 and this blog is being retooled as an emotional health blog. I am living in the pristine desert and cleansing my karma by right action. The whole bisexual homosexual thing is crumbling all around me and it feels really good. All of my sexual karma will be burned off once I make it through this little emotional health lesson.  Gay is cool for a goof-off but it will lead you into just another lame social model. I’m going for emotional health even if it means just hanging out with God, the moon & stars and this fun little dog that our house guests have brought this holy May Day Sunday. I am having a nice controlled little May Day wake up call in Palm Springs. There is a nude gay pool party down the street today and I am intentionally not going. That whole homo scene is so one dimensional and lackluster. If I want gay life I will go to a gay resort. I don’t want gay life anymore it makes me sad and lonely. I would rather be a lonely straight guy in LA than anybody in Palm Springs.

Emotional Health Vent: Yes I know how hot it gets in the desert

The locals here like to bite out: “Have you ever lived here in the summer?” Then they go into some little version about all of the sissies from LA that can’t take the heat of PS. People who live in LA have options. I am living in this gay desert because of my limited income in my battle to receive the drips and dabs of my inheritance I am living on.

My emotional health rests in knowing that I only have a suitcase and a 2005 Sentra in this desert. I am renting an exquisite Villa where I run around outdoors naked for $550/per month. Being in my living room is an emotional health spa.

Emotional growth and spiritual development are easy for me here living this life of contemplation. Having this little dog Chloe here reminds me of my life with my German shepherd Dharma. During my first eighteen months of sobriety I was intentionally celibate. I have had many periods of intentional celibacy and they have always served me well. Intentional celibacy is emotionally healing.