Yoga, AA Meetings and Senior Centers Are Good Emotional Health Community Resources

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What Are Some Emotional Health Community Resources?

AA meetings, yoga classes, and senior centers are excellent emotional health community resources that are available to everyone. You do not have to be over age sixty to take advantage of the resources available at senior centers but it helps.

I am creating a new personal emotional health community in Palm Springs. It feels really good to be out and meeting totally new people. We are social animals and we need to see and be seen. Some very good emotional health community resources are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. 

The purpose of attending an AA meeting is to find God. Even for me with twelve years of sobriety the purpose of me going to a meeting of AA is to find God. To embody my God consciousness. To remember my commitment to myself. Do I have a real divine commitment with myself?

Active adult centers, aka senior centers, also over a valuable emotional health community resource. Today I will go to the Mizell Center on Sunrise in Palm Springs for lunch. Everyone is eighty years old. You can learn a lot about life by watching eighty year old people.

If you have your emotional health during your later years as your physical health is deteriorating, you will have everything. If you have an emotional health community built up around you then life can be as much fun in later life as in your youth. I am discovering ways to have good emotional health with little or no money in the desert. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the various emotional mental health community resources are available to you.

Emotional Health Community Yoga

When I want to be social with women I go to kundalini yoga class. Yoga is expensive. Women are expensive. I practice naked yoga because I cannot afford expensive yoga clothing. I sometimes practice homosexuality because I cannot afford women and guys hit on me everywhere I go. I just drift around using the whole lonely planet as my emotional health community resource.