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RECOVERING GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: Emotions Are the Way Your Own Loving Soul Calls Out to You

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1.  What Is Recovery?  

When I say that I am in recovery for alcoholism what am I recovering? I am recovering my relationship with God. God only exists within my own consciousness or God does not exist at all. Therefore if I am in recovery for alcoholism then I am in recovery of my God consciousness.

2.  Too Young to Meditate?  

If you are trying to help a teenager recover from emotionally disordered thinking what exactly is the young person recovering? First the kid needs to feel safe and secure physically and emotionally of course. After that you are not attempting to recover anything physical or external because there is no physical thing to recover.

Since children are less removed from God than adults are, can’t a child be taught to feel spiritually secure? Can a child be taught emotional intelligence using meditation? As meditation becomes more and more common will people start meditating younger and younger? Can a child be introduced to God consciousness and meditation?

If children with emotionally disordered thinking were introduced to meditation it may help to develop emotional intelligence leading to spiritual gratification. Reliance upon spiritual gratification could prevent or delay gratification from chemical, sexual and other external sources of gratification. 

Can a teenager be introduced to God consciousness using emotional meditation?  


3.  What is Emotional Intelligence?  

Emotional Intelligence is a form of advanced self-awareness.  By developing the wisdom to understand the basis of my actions so that I can practice conscious emotional control. Emotions are the language of my own loving soul making love to me. Seeing your emotions as assets instead of liabilities is the first step in learning emotional intelligence. My feelings and emotions are the way in which my own loving soul speaks and communicates with me.


4.  Observer Meditation

Rather than just “meditating”, simply observe yourself meditating. Rather than just “having” thoughts, simply observe your thoughts. This meditation training teaches you to detach from yourself and your thoughts. Detachment is important to meditation and emotional health. Don’t believe or mentally “experience” everything you think. Your emotional health depends upon you mentally detaching yourself from the events of your day and the news of the world.


5.  Emotional Kundalini Chakra Meditation 

You may already be experienced in approaching meditation only through thought and not with emotion and thought. Kundalini yoga teaches bringing positive emotion to meditation practice. Emotional meditation is an effective way to develop the emotional intelligence that will lead you to wisdom. Kundalini yoga practice is emotionally visualizing cosmic energy balancing your body, mind and soul while inwardly chanting during meditation.

The mind speaks to you in words and intellect. The soul speaks to you in feelings and emotions. You ask questions about the mind in words. You ask questions about the soul in feelings. Your feelings and your heart will lead you to your spiritual sense of existence.

Recovery from alcoholism means recovering my God consciousness. I have been accomplishing this by practicing emotional intelligence and visualizing God combing my consciousness with healing energy when I pray. My prayer and meditation is infused with emotion and even sexuality.

Sexuality is sacred if you believe that sex is spiritual. Emotional intelligence is transmuting sexual energy into spiritual energy. The sexual answers I currently need for my life are rising up out of my soul. Suddenly the things that were once so important to me now seem shameful and degrading.  

In the blissful solitude of meditation my clear quiet mind reflects the clear quiet desert back to me. Emotional intelligence is listening to the language of my own heart. The lessons of my own soul speak to me in a non-verbal language that only I can feel. The language of the heart is pure emotion.


6.  Teach Gay Teenagers Chakra Meditation 

Once a teenager makes that leap into bisexuality or pansexuality his sexual education goes broadband. Can you imagine the things you learn engaging in homosexual behavior? Homosexuality is totally learned behavior. The learning curve for successful heterosexual dating and intimacy is difficult enough. Learning how to be successfully gay takes a severe emotional toll on bisexual teenagers and young adults. Teens should be presented with more pansexual and bisexual options so they do not become erroneously locked into homosexuality. 

Teaching gay teenagers meditation can take their consciousness to baseline intelligence and the development of emotional intelligence. Teaching gay young adults chakra meditation with kundalini yoga should open the heart and soul to seek masculine feminine balance

During chakra meditation divine feminine kundalini energy is visualized rotating up the spine to eventually unite with pure masculine consciousness. Practicing kundalini yoga balanced out my masculine and feminine energy and healed me of my pathetic gay promiscuity.