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The Practice of Perpetual Integration

Samadhi | The Emotional Kundalini Orgasm

Samadhi for me is an integrative experience of perpetual kundalini orgasm with the cosmos. The kundalini orgasm is a vibrating sensual and emotional awareness, not a physical climax. It’s not over the top mind shattering like a sexual climax. Kundalini orgasm is more like a constant state of bliss. My day to day experience is emotional bliss and tremendous physical well-being. Because of my optimal oxygen metabolization my body feels charged and high performance. I am like a thoroughbred horse with my well developed mulbandh. I am in a state of total absorption with this present mind, this present moment.  

Dev Avtar

This morning in kundalini yoga class, teacher Dev Avtar reminded everyone that kundalini energy is orgasmic energy.  Kundalini orgasm is the transmutation of sexual energy into spiritual energy. In order to create art, science, or architecture the producer converts his physical orgasmic energy into emotional productivity. In order to be a great artist, you must work non-stop.

Kundalini Variation

Tomorrow morning I will probably skip my usual 7:00 a.m. class in favor of attending 9:00 a.m. with Siri Shakti for the variation. The past few weeks I have been attending both classes but I burned my body out as a result. My goal is to learn new technical applications of kundalini yoga.  A few weeks ago Siri Shakti taught us how to flick our tongues in and out like tantrics. Working with the tongue is one of the details that separates kundalini from the pack of healing modalities available to choose from.kundalini orgasm

Breathing Through the Sole of the Foot

Another theraputic technique I have learned is putting the top of my foot down on the mat and breathing through the sole of the foot. This is typical of the intuitive visualizations that appeal to me. Learning about things like breathing through the sole of the foot is one of the things I left the desert to come here and learn. I am also learning and intuiting mudras just like I always knew I would some day.   

Life Long Learner of Love

Love took a long time for me to learn. I can only see that now. I went back into my childhood and healed myself with love. Everything is okay now.