THE FINAL FRONTIER: Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy

Simply becoming more and more aware of your emotions is the first step towards emotional literacy and self-mastery. Do you react from animal instinct or do you respond with emotional intelligence?

The next time someone gets in your face try pausing for a nanosecond. Take your emotional pulse and temperature. Connecting to cosmic God consciousness and respond with emotional intelligence.

In the competition for happiness brow beaters and shame makers will be on the attack from the cradle to the grave. Don’t resist the violent energy they project. The petty tyrant who takes pleasure in tormenting you is your greatest teacher. The person who irritates you the most has a valuable emotional literacy lesson for you to learn. Your petty tyrant is merely projecting their own unhealed childhood trauma upon you.

In his book Gay Men and Substance Abuse, Michael Shelton, M.S., C.A.C, outlines some of the unique cultural and emotional challenges faced by gay men struggling with substance abuse and addiction. I have taken a few of his points and expanded them into emotional literacy flash cards:


emotional intelligence1.  Identify your automatic thoughts.
2.  Are they knee jerk defensive more often than not?
3.  Become aware of your automatic thinking patterns.
4.  Are you seeing only what you want to see?
5.  Do your automatic thoughts reflect reality?
6.  Learn to challenge and dispute yourself.

7.  (No one’s looking if you decide you are wrong and want to voluntarily change you mind in order to change your life)


Ideally you should always be experiencing some type of emotion and so when someone says you are acting emotionally, what they really mean is that you are acting over-emotionally. In your perfect world you may choose your personal emotional blend of serenity and calmness. Or you may choose to always be right and all the false drama that engenders. 

One morning in the locker room at the South Bay Equinox I overheard the local petty tyrants saying how they wanted to fuck me up my ass. I brought it all down on myself by coming out as a shock tactic. Petty tyrants came out of the woodwork and taught me valuable lessons. Straight guys wanted to kill me and eat me and I reacted from my animal instinct of self preservation in an over emotional manner by not taking the time to stop and think. I created drama, trauma, and eventually changed gyms.

Had I paused and used emotional literacy and awareness I would have played the little straight guy seducing the total gay bottom scene a little differently in my head. Now when I replay that tape in my head I act with emotional awareness.

Now when someone gets in my face I pause and take my emotional temperature. I use my total somatic body awareness, intellect, emotion, meditative mind and intuition. This collective information with is currently increasing in sensitivity as an adaptation to social and environmental changes. Now instead of reacting with over-emotional caveman self-preservation, I calmly respond in an aloof manner. 


Develop Your New Self-Sensory System of Intuition emotional literacy


As your emotional literacy and sensitivity increases you will creatively develop a new self-sensory system.


Each emotion is integral to competed universal consciousness.


You are always emotional. What emotion to you choose?


Let your creativity be your new sensory system. How do you want to feel today?