WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Don’t Feed The Emotional Predators!

Emotional Predators

If you want to see male and female, straight and gay, black and white emotional predators, then check out a big AA “scene” meeting.  Alcoholics Anonymous is a good place to practice getting emotionally gang-raped. AA meetings are a metaphor for life. There are men like Jeremy J. who keep bottles of vodka in their refrigerator for young women newcomers. 

don't feed emotional predators

There are women like Ann W. and Astrid H. who are just waiting to see what type of emotional  pseudo-sexual gratification they can take out on you. Nobody listens to them anymore. Learn to work with negative emotional energy with the only appropriate response: Aggressive Communication. Use effective communication to neutralize sexual bullies by transmuting their sexual energy into the bliss of gratitude.

Stop feeding emotional predators by exposing them for what they are. If someone is openly expressing hostility, anger and resentment, that person is still emotionally ill. We still love them as human beings however we have the right to discern what is acceptable behavior. You are exactly who you hang out with. 

A common misconception is that women want emotional intimacy and men want sexual intimacy. The reality is men want sexual and emotional intimacy.  Men are human beings and so men need emotions just as much as women. Women seem to actually deny men the emotional security they want and deserve. Men just articulate emotion as sex and women articulate emotion with words and sounds.

I myself express with a lot of feminine sound during my emotional release called sex. Now that I am sixty years old sex for me as a man is more about emotional orgasm than sexual orgasm. I had a nice conversation with my African lover about this yesterday. 

Daytime Soap Operas are Female Pornography

Women get sexually aroused by pornographic emotions as portrayed in daytime soap operas. Women want to ejaculate emotions and men want to ejaculate sexual release and emotions.

sexual predators

AA Meetings and Emotional Rape

Ten years ago this super aggressive AA woman named Astral pounced upon me and made me her Primetime AA sponsee. She raped me emotionally in the same way that my mother did. I didn’t understand any of this when it was happening because I was experiencing the miracle of recovery from alcoholism. To this day Astral still texts me when she is speaking at a big Primetime AA meeting in LA. I just text her the links to these blogs. Astral is one of my best teachers. 

Avoiding The AA Emotional Predators

I have to be careful at AA meetings because closeted homosexuals like Jeremy Jover at Dunsmore want to have sex with me. Check out his recent facebook posts about people he knows who have died of AIDS. This guy Jover has the hots for me but he doesn’t know how to express it. All he can do is hint around it by talking about “other people” who are gay. Mr. Jover will probably spend his whole life only wondering about the pleasure and reward of man to man sex that I have experienced. The problem is the Jover is so sick that if I tried to grace him with the sex he has been waiting for his entire life he may want to kill me like that gay shooter in Orlando three days ago. Androgynous characters like learn how to use emotional predators to our advantage. This is how I survive, by using the sexual predators. I turn their sexual energy around back on itself. The only way to deal with sexuality is to just do it until the wheels fall off.