Is Obtaining Sexual Gratification From Having Another Person’s Foot In Your Mouth An Emotional Problem?


I am finished being open-minded about depraved homosexual practices as far in my own personal practice. This frog is getting out of the jacuzzi now. Without realizing it I released a major emotional problem on New Year’s Day 2016. I was sitting in a jacuzzi looking down at Paul Schneiderman grotesquely reclining in his pool with a man’s foot in his mouth. Mr. Schneiderman has recently made public statements complaining about other men’s behavior at his pool parties. My kundalini yoga guru told me to stop drinking coffee and going to gay nude pool parties. I woke up like a frog in a warm pan of water and jumped out. Schneiderman did me a favor. I want something different for my life. I want to be pure. I want to hang out with God and people who are into God. Not one big emotional problem called sexual fetish. 

I solved this great big emotional problem by avoiding all gay social activities in Palm Springs. Now I hang out with straight people. I was having a bisexual or straight guy come over for sex every week or ten days but I haven’t been keeping that line of endeavor up so my sex with guys has also stopped. I could easily hook up here in Palm Springs however I am changing. I am flowing back into bisexuality and heterocentric behavior. I am publicly identifying as heterosexual these days and keeping gay in the closet with my tailored business suits and ties where it belongs.

Is Homosexuality Really Just An Emotional Problem?

For me gay is just an aberration, a goof, a substitute. For me homosexuality is also subversive and higher consciousness. My last homosexual relationship was with a physician who really helped me with my emotional health. I was looking for a daddy and I found one. Dr. McDuff was also a certified sexological bodyworker and he cured me of my obsession with women’s clothing by giving me permission to do all of that. All I do now is wear women’s jeans because they fit me really cool, not because they are women’s jeans. You can’t even tell they are women’s. For me women’s jeans are worship of women and my androgyny. Yesterday before lunch at the senior center thrift store I bought this incredible pair of Land’s End Size 10 jeans that fit me perfectly for $5.00. I had been thinking about just walking into a thrift store and finding a pair of white jeans that would make me look really good. White means no emotional problem.

Now I am thinking about just walking into the world and creating a beautiful new life basking in the radiance of warm feminine energy.