Turning Within For A Self-Created Emotional Safe Harbor

Emotional Safety

I cannot save you. In today’s world it is important to be able to create your own emotional safety zone. Over the 4th of July Weekend I created an emotional safety search and rescue mission on myself. You must save yourself. Each sexually adventurous person must preserve the integrity of his baseline consciousness. Save yourself by creating your own emotional safety by practicing meditation. God is my emotional safety zone.

Danny the Bear 

This weekend I retreated into my bedroom. I created emotional safety by giving myself alone time. There was a two hundred and fifty pound, immature forty year old flaming homosexual bear bottom named Danny roaming around my villa in Palm Springs. There is a drought and sometimes wild pigs roam the streets of the desert looking for pig sex. I have created emotional safety by turning within and turning to God.

In an amazing God intervention, Dr. Allen met up with Danny at a party. My proctologist and Danny met at the same gay 4th of July party that I was avoiding! I got a chance to see Dr. Allen seducing a young man just like he seduced me. What an incredible chance to see exactly what I could have been that day: a sex pig. Instead I stayed home and became the Body of Christ. I am still open to physical intimacy with quality human beings, however now I am on a different level. Dr. Allen elevated me.

Turning Within

I found the Body of Christ by turning within. The same scatology of Dr. Allen no longer interests me. I felt pity for Danny in his anguished state. I feel gratitude for Danny for being an excellent gay teacher of what I do not want for my life. I thank Dr. Allen for letting me see what I can or cannot become. My erstwhile proctologist taught me that I do not want to be roaming the homosexual bathhouses any longer. I want to be roaming the God bathhouses of life. From now on when I am in the house it is the Body of Christ. Everything I do is now transparent.