Mystical Desert Yoga Dog

Get your emotionally healthy nude yoga practice dialed in correctly. You were born naked. Get comfortable getting naked and you will get comfortable with all of life. Everything else in life will just fall into place when you get natural on the mat.

Your poise and well-being on your yoga mat are symbolic of your poise and well-being on your desktop and in your world. People compliment me on my self-acceptance and confidence at walking around naked everywhere. Emotionally healthy nude yoga is taking me to a new level of self-acceptance each and every day. 

Emotionally Healthy Nude Yoga Practice in Palm Springs

Yoga has connected me to everything and freed me from dependence on anything. I have a ton of issues going on such that my emotional health requires constant care.

My upper right side of my body is in constant burning stinging pain from postherpetic neuralgia due to shingles. I am busy working on a trial brief to recover my stolen inheritance. I had triple bypass emergency open heart surgery one year ago. I had a myocardial infarction. I had a heart attack. Even dealing with all of this my consciousness is still evolving with love. I am attracting more and more love into my life. This entire website is my love song to my own evolving self acceptance. This blog is a therapeutic device that has helped me to become comfortable in my own skin.

Emotionally Healthy Nude Yoga Awareness

Can you imagine the level of self-awareness it takes to self-identify as pansexual or bisexual? My level of awareness has evolved so that I can see myself objectively and subjectively. My main lesson in life has been to close my mouth and open my heart. What I have done lately is stop talking so much and writing more. Instead of filling up notebooks I write it all down here. Searchable and readable on the world wide web. This is my journal. I am a journalist. I am a naked yoga journalist creating my own mentally healthy gay community. 

Let Me Be Your Guide to Emotionally Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Are you looking for more to gay life than the same old tired hand-me-downs of drag, camp, body modification, fetish and darkness? So am I. That is why I am creating a new healthy gay Palm Springs nudist community. Private. Beautiful bodies only. Health. Sunshine and fresh air. Crawl out from under your queerness and join the mental health of the new gay experience. 

I woke up on New Year’s Day 2016 as a gay frog in a boiling Palm Springs jacuzzi. Satan had a scrotal saline injection and when I told him the party was mandatory nudity he threw his smelly underwear at me. Just then John Herriott the celebrity pedophile came out serving temporary restraining orders on all tantrikas, yogis and other emotionally healthy nude yoga practitioners.

I need new friends and a new community. Thanks to naked yoga and this blog I am making it all happen. I am subjectifying truth to align my life to creating a new healthy gay community in the desert. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.