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Weaponry as Religious Fashion

Armed Violent Religion

What kind of a violent religion requires it’s practitioners to bear arms at all times? It feels like Adarsh Kaur Khalsa is trying to emasculate my identity  with her kirpan. I need to find a way to fight back against the sexual harassment of Adarsh and Yoga West. I don’t want to end up an eighty year-old man with Adarsh, Dya Kaur and the violent religion known as Sikhism trying to sue me for a fabricated sexual harassment claim.  

I Want My Money Back

When I paid Yoga West to teach me where to put my feet on my yoga mat, I had no knowledge that all Sikhs are armed with their little concealed daggers.  What this does is create a violent emotional attitude at Yoga West. Weapons create a bad vibration in the yoga studio. The symbol of the Sikh religion includes a pair of ceremonial daggers. Let’s get the weapons off the schoolyard and out of religion. Ban the Sikh logo!

Guru Bad Ass

One Tuesday morning in between classes I was resting in an extended savasana. Guru Singh attacked me for simply existing at Yoga West.  Dev Avtar was present. Men who  practice yoga in Beverly Hills should be aware of the hostile environment on Robert send Boulevard. Although no yoga studio has the welcome mat out for men, Yoga West is exceptionally intolerant of independent male yogis.  Thanks to Adarsh Kaur and the questionable Sikh religion, I will never pay money for another yoga class again in my life.   

Grist for My Poetry Mill

I should be blogging about the joyful experience of being a brand new Kundalini yoga teacher. Instead I need to write these blogs warning people about the violent nature of Kundalini yoga teachers because they are members of a psychologically violent religion..  At least now I have something interesting to blog about. The best thing I learned from Yoga West is that yoga is an inside job just like God.