EMPATH: Reading Your Neighbors Emotional Energy

The Sixth Sense of Empathing:

Insight, intuition, and reading human energy patterns are all names we give to the sixth sense of empathing. Our sixth sense is the central control system of our integrated consciousness. Our sixth sense is the intuition and gut instinct that run all systems of our body, receiving, processing and storing information based upon emotional feedback.

over empathing

By practicing conscious empathing we can read and decipher the subtle cues of body language. Do the whites of her eyes indicate friend or foe? Our sixth sense plays the ultimate role in our survival, be it social survival, financial survival, emotional or sexual survival. By empathing I am able to truly connect with everyone, regardless of whether they are connecting back to me. The yogi is dependent upon no one and interconnected to everyone.

Get off the phone and get into your third eye!

Empath Lesson Number One: Turn off the TV!

We receive massive amounts of raw information from the world on a constant basis. Thousands of bits of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory sensations roll through us 24/7. In a matter of seconds our body, mind and soul must filter, analyse, process and store this information. Most of the time we are receiving too much information to develop our psychic extra sensory abilities. 

When I turn off the TV and Internet I able to receive more important spiritual programming.  When I meditate in the desert I slow down this uncontrollable flood of information. I am able to sense what information I need and what stimulus I do not.

By sensitising my third eye I fine tune my incoming sensory information. I learn to discern what is spiritual, positive and life supporting, and what is negative, dark, and emotionally draining. My emotions become my sensory receivers. I learn how to receive information emotionally because my brain processes information emotionally.

touch to readOver Empathing

Sometimes I feel people too much. Especially if they have the same flavor neurosis as I do. I used to be embarrassed to cry blood but now I do it all the time. Grieving is the healing feeling.

By paying close attention I can feel this emotional energy moving, and in turn I learn how to move it. A lot of empathing is really just paying focused attention. Instead of constantly talking and being important I just shut up and listen. I listen to the energy and not the words. Silence becomes the very teacher. All I have to do is just listen very closely and the universe reveals its secrets.

Touch is Important to Reading People

If I am able to touch someone then it is much easier for me to read their emotional energy. If I feel a past memory that needs to be processed and healed I ask them about it to see if my extra sensory perceptions are accurate. It becomes a seductive and juicy conversation between us about their unconscious feelings and what this means. I once talked a friend through his childhood fascination with Dean Martin and his Golddiggers glittering go go boots and how that related to his fascination with hiring dominatrix’s to play out his BDSM fantasies. 

How to Develop Empathing:
  • Practice discerning other people’s energy and your own.empathing

  • Learn to energetically feel the truth; let it take you deeper and closer to getting to know self and spirit, so as to let go of the values, beliefs, and rules that are right for others. Listen to you for self-governance.

  • Ease tension around the heart, let go of survival needs, and stay present with the beauty around.

  • Use the colors you see as they relate to chakras, spiral dynamics, or organisms, to help comprehend their many meanings.

  • Develop a more positive internal voice as a way to encourage, affirm, and relate to others. Life conditions can distort present and future emotions. Listen intently for all signals of good coming through you. Write these down and condition yourself to be responsive to these, especially if you tend to be responsive or reactive to negative self-talk and dark concerns.

third eye empathingLearning to become a trained sensor is about remaining open to the external world and the internal world, and how the two interact. What we think creates actions and behaviors, and what we sense outside ourselves influences our inner world and vice versa. The different energetic ranges and frequencies can be explored when one is open enough to trust. You must be able to trust that your ability at empathing is real.