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Snake Oil Salesman

snake oilIn 2004 while at the Whizin’s Arcade in Agoura Hills, California promoting my litigation support services to a plaintiff’s law firm, I met a modern day snake oil salesman. His racket is selling supplemental disability and retirement insurance to municipal government employees. I’ve met a lot of insurance salesman who get bored with selling insurance because it is such easy money. If you want to get rich, become an insurance salesman. There are laws requiring consumers to buy insurance. There are no laws requiring consumers to purchase supplemental insurance, but once people get hooked they just keep coming back for more. 

insurance addiction

Insurance Addiction

Whenever someone gets sick or dies, look through their personal papers to see if they have any supplemental insurance policies that they are unaware of. Sometimes people buy so much insurance from snake oil salesman that they don’t even know how much insurance they have. Sometimes supplemental disability insurance policies get overlooked and forgotten. A lot of times the insurance company will deny the supplemental insurance claim. Be vigilant of unscrupulous salesman who oversell supplemental retirement insurance. Castelazo & Associates Insurance Services can fill you in on the details regarding problems you may encounter when making your claim for supplemental disability insurance benefits.

snake oil salesman

Enagic, Kangen & Tumeric

Selling Enagic Kangen water machines for the home is one of the latest multi-level marketing programs to become available to the home snake oil salesman. Enagic also offers a line of Tumeric. Glen at Castelazo & Associates called me up the other day to hustle me as a client. I have already been pitched by a neighbor who is an Enagic salesman. I don’t want to go around selling water machines and vitamins to my friends and family just like I don’t want to run around selling Amway to my friends and family. I don’t want to be a smarmy little snake oil salesman. 

snake oil salesman