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PROPAGANDA 102: Blog Early and Blog Often (BEBO)

Creative Energy:

Do you ever wonder why there is so much mediocre web content out there? Do you know why a lot of blogs are only 300 words? Because Googlebot goes where the fresh food is and quantity is more important than quality. It is more important to produce original content so your audience can at least find your home page. You need to find that one kid in Ohio who is going to be influenced by what you are saying.

energyBuff My Aura Dora

Can you read energy fields? Auras seem brighter in this 120 degree desert heat. Human and non-human energy fields are so strong out here you need lots of water and air conditioning to maintain your equilibrium. Don’t drink beer like the sexy little bitch in this animated gif. Avoid alcohol and all costs. Keep your energy up by living a clean lifestyle. Blog early and blog often because life is worth blogging about!

Peckerwood Nation

nationalismWELCOME TO THE MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA: My name is Woodrow P. Woods and I am a desert woodpecker. My friends call me “Woody” and my enemies call me “Would He?”  I am a desert peckerwood living amongst the desert rats in Desperate Hot Springs, California. My peckerwood revolt has turned into peckerwood nation. 

This article is about creating massive quantities of original web content by blogging early and blogging often (BEBO). Just get your message out there, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes. You never know what is going to be a big hit until you throw it out there for the desperate hungry public.

A peckerwood is a non-African who knows how to handle himself in the world. My blood is brown and white and red. It is going to be 120 degrees here in the desert so let me get a cup of coffee and tell you a little story.

heterosexual loveNaturism

I like to walk around with no shirt in the desert. Lots of guys do it. It is ninety degrees in the morning out here and so it is very common to see shirtless men. Even old Mexicano guys do it and those geezers are really nudity sensitive. Living in the desert is all about being yourself.

If straight life was as much fun as gay life the world would be a happier place. Everything is laid back down here in Palm Springs. The only thing this resort lacks is a river or lake. When I was a kid whenever we went to the desert there was always the Colorado River or Lake Mead to shake off the sweltering heat. 

My Anal Center of Awareness

Core Energetics taught me how to move energy. The first step is awareness of personal energy fields and auras. This must be learned in the school of life.  A lot of how I learned this work is intuitive and a lot is from other intuitive healers. I learned a lot about reading people from a clairvoyant I met at Agape named Leah Germain. We almost got together but Leah had a problem with the fact that I was living in an RV in Malibu. She died a few years after that.

anal energy fieldI met a few women at Agape but my eccentricities did not match up with theirs. Our pegs and holes did not properly line up.