Emotionally Making Love to My Opponent’s Energy in Order to Divide and Conquer

Emotional Energy Transformation

My weapon in the happiness wars is total energy transformation of my adversaries. In 1992 I transferred the energy of the entire apartment building I was living in and turned it into marriage and a mortgage. Commerce Avenue became my new success pattern.

emotion vomitMy only error in life is failure to see exactly how far God has carried me. As a human meat loaf I have done the bare minimum for the enormous rewards I have reaped in this warrior world.

Birth, School, Work, Death. The depth of my yoga meditation tantric anal masturbation is immense. God increased the energy transformation and gave me more than I asked for as I prayed the prayers of my mother: Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is With Thee. When my mother had to leave early to pay her karmic debt she only took her prayers with her as she forcefully wove me into the Akashic record with a clean astral body. Mother is the mother of all named things. 

The Sins of the Fathers

emotional energy transferMy parents and siblings ostracised me when I got clean and sober and so they increased their karmic debt beyond their capability of repaying me in this lifetime. Therefore my parents had to leave early so that a Los Angeles Superior Court could award me an equitable last half of my life. My siblings stole my inheritance and the court gave me a huge damage award plus what I was supposed to get anyway. My siblings and their illegitimate offspring didn’t want to share and so God gave it all to me. My father gave ostrich lessons to deaf mutes and so after I made love to my mother I assisted Dad with death by cheap generic menthol cigarettes. One of the last things I sarcastically said to him as I picked up his gas station cigarettes was: “Why don’t you at least buy the good Marlboro Menthol 100’s instead of this cheap-ass shit?!” Six weeks later the old man died in his sleep of really bad karma. 

energy transferArt DiMino Energy Transformation

My neighbors in Tujunga didn’t want to share the ‘hood with me so I moved to Malibu and recovered from a bad case of alcoholism. Energy transfer supreme. Style. Flavor. My dog even went with me. My karma is burned, cleansed and purified in the rainbow hypersex California dreamscape. Career energy came and went and was reborn and multiplied. Art and Edye DiMino did me a huge favor by helping me to move out of that Lil’ Abner Sunland-Tujunga hillbilly world. I was raised by saltine crackers and frozen burritos in the asthmatic sanitarium utopian community of Little Landers aka Tujunga. I was born in a trailer and I drove my RV down to Malibu and took a little bit of Tujunga with me. That’s what Kenny Web said. God what a nightmare McClemont Avenue was. Hillbilly Hippie Hog Farm Heaven. I used to resent it when people in the Valley said that Tujunga was backwards and that is because the truth hurts. The truth is inconvenient. I was born on Tobacco Road and I have to wake up and get off the pattern. I am busy dying and being reborn in perfected cosmic consciousness.    

energy transferCSUN Energy Transfer

I feel better now than when I was a guitar slinging 16 mm poppin’ nineteen year old bisexual undergraduate at Cal State Northridge. My film professors were geniuses forcing me to learn how to blog before blogging existed. My punk ego was blessed by great men from public television and film documentary academies of non-fiction. Now I bore easily with drama and am reborn in nineteen year old sex education splendor.

Contextualizing reality in meditative bliss like a guitar player riffing in the night air for Jon Weindorf and Benny Valenzuela. The only childhood devotee who has seen everything is my five year old best friend Kenny Reddick in Alameda, California watching me on his smartphone as I text him these pages. Dr. McDuff is finding lost boys and transforming them into whole and complete men with Core Energetics and a helping hand from breathing genius Ann Bradney and her partner Patricia Haman. Thank you for the juicy breathing lessons girls. You made my cock bigger.  Ann tried to withhold sex from me so I took an entire Wilhelm Reich therapeutic bodywork course with me.  Dr. McDuff took me to Australia for my sexological bodywork certificate with Joseph Kramer. The doctoral thesis for sexology is a live masturbation demonstration. Kramer teaches that the key to sexuality is masturbation. 

energy transformation transmutation
Dean McAdams and Arthur DiMino Making Love
Transmutation of Sexual Energy

The purpose of this article is to transmute my sexual energy transformation as a demonstration in blogging creativity. I am emotionally making love to Art DiMino. Art and his wife Edie were fundamental in my personal transformation from alcoholic to sexual healer.

I transformed my family, friends and enemies into cosmic love bliss in Malibu, Palm Springs and Playa del Rey. Basking in California creative perfection I dialed in the radio station on my reality engine to create a new me. Kenny said I was a new me. I am a new me. I look, sound and feel different to myself. Even my voice sounds different. My voice used to be forced and brittle. I am softer now. Dr. McDuff said that I am softer now. Thank God that old desert queen Joe got me to shave my faggy little grey beard. The inside of my head has been shaved. Thank you everyone who has given me energy to transform into my new live that began on January 21, 2004 when I moved out of Sunland-Tujunga.

emotional energy transfer tujungaMy friends, family and enemies are all loved and cherished for their immense energy transformation they have provided me in my personal transformation. When I left Tujunga I was finally able to find a spiritual treatment for my emotional and mental disorders. I love my enemies for being my most perfect teachers and karma cleaners. Thank you God for the petty tyrant leading me to the bliss of my unique queerness as I make love to my enemies known and unknown. If you knew how happy I was you would be forced to kill me. I have no choice but to live in bliss for fifty more years and then die in bliss.