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Intuitive Energy Work

Energy Transmutation

Energy transmutation from one entity to another requires sensitivity tuning. By slowing down my mind and quieting my reality I become more sensitive to the energy all around me. Using sexual energy transmutation I become more aware of how I create. I create through sexual emotional orgasm or I create through visual emotional orgasm. Sexual energy transmutation from orgasm to blog. This website and these blogs are a reflection of my highly refined creative function. The function of the sexual orgasm is to create the human hardware. The function of the visual orgasm is to create the human software. 


energy transmutationIntuitive Energy Work 

Energy transformation is intuitive. Learning to play a musical instrument is helpful. Engaging life is important to learning energy transmutation. It is important to engage life with the body mind soul. My intuitive energy work has been greatly facilitated by my intense engagement with my world on an energetic level. When I was eight years old I played trumpet in the school orchestra and moved on to guitar. Music was not natural for me and looking back I would have focused more on the written word instead of music.  Actually any communication other than music is more natural for me. Writing, speaking, multimedia. When I changed my college major from music to film I began to find myself.

Emotional Energy Blog

It is important to blog early and blog often when transmuting energy. It is incredible how many websites there are that talk about mental energy transmutation. The education available for free on the Internet is amazing. Focus your energy on drawing in the power of the universe to direct you. Quiet the mind with meditation and enter a meditative mind state. Here is a recent Ram Dass blog on transmuting the noise from a fire engine. This article helps me to maintain a higher state of meditative mind. Creating sensual mass multimedia intimacy by seducing the eyes. I want to control your eyes. I want to make love to your eyes on me.